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Fans are tuning out St. Louis sports-talk radio in massive quantities, the ratings say.

The jock-talk format targets men ages 25-54 and figures compiled by Arbitron, which surveys radio listenership, show that there was a mammoth decline — 58 percent — in market share in the format over the past year.

According to the statistics, the three St. Louis sports stations — WXOS (101.1 FM), KFNS (590 AM) and KXFN (1380 AM) — combined in January 2012 to draw 13.5 percent of the estimated 549, 100 men in the market in that age bracket. That’s about 74, 000 listeners.

This January, their combined market share staggered to 5.6 percent. And because there were about 17, 000 fewer men in the target audience than there were a year earlier, total sports-radio listenership was just under 30, 000 — a whopping 60 percent loss.

The crash comes despite a notable year locally in sports. The Cardinals followed their miracle comeback run to the World Series title by falling one game short of returning to the Fall Classic, the Blues had a breakout year, there was much hoopla surrounding the Rams’ hiring of Jeff Fisher as coach then a significant improvement on the field. And there was Missouri’s bold move to the Southeastern Conference.

But many area fans apparently were enjoying it elsewhere than on sports-talk radio.

St. Louis broadcast historian Frank Absher, who has worked on the air, behind the scenes and has taught journalism at St. Louis University, says the point of “too much’’ finally has arrived.

“The St. Louis market is over-populated with all-sports stations and the pie isn’t big enough to keep all of them afloat, ” said Absher, executive director of the St. Louis media history foundation. “Add to that the establishment of more all-sports programming by the major networks and we’ll see over-saturation.”

John Kijowski, who runs WXOS as well as Hubbard Radio’s other St. Louis outlets, attributes the decline in part to abnormalities in gathering listenership data. He points out that many stations appealing to men in other formats are down, too.

“We’re not doing anything different (programming wise) than before, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense, ” he said of the decline. “There’s no panic here in any way. And we don’t plan to do anything different.”

Katy Pavelonis, who for the last five months has been running 590 and 1380 for Grand Slam Sports, says there is no desperation there, either, and also wonders about the numbers.

“I don’t know how you can have the ‘best sports city in America’ and not have strong sports radio, ” she said. “Our sales for March are way up, after being up for January and for February.”

Everybody drops

Each time block from 6 a.m.-6 p.m. weekdays, when the stations compete most, was down this January over last.

• WXOS remains the clear leader in listenership, but lost more than half its market share from January 2012 to January 2013 according to Arbitron. The station was drawing 10.2 percent of those key males in January 2012, but was at only 4.8 this time. It fell from first among all stations in the St. Louis area in attracting those men to tying for ninth place this year as part of its 53 percent drop. (Rock music station KSHE, 94.7 FM, was at the top of the heap.) There were month-to-month declines at 101.1 nine times in the year.

France Laux was St. Louis' sports voice.(Radio History)(France Laux): An article from: St. Louis Journalism Review
Book (SJR St. Louis Journalism Review)
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