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As home to The Fantasy Sports Channel, BlogTalkRadio's got nearly 100 fantasy shows to help you dominate your league. From Roto baseball to Dynasty football, keep up with your players' latest moves 24/7. For the purists, we've got expert analysis on every sport, from amateur to pro. Our listeners and hosts distinguish American football from World Cup, Formula One from NASCAR, live and breathe March Madness and follow sports preceded by extreme, live and ultimate. Plus, athletes will find tips to improve their game. Browse baseball, basketball, boating, auto racing, football, golf, boxing, cricket, cycling, hockey, horse racing, lacrosse, motorsports, Olympics (reminding us every four years the world's got more sports than you can shake a dressage whip at), poker, rock climbing, rugby, running, skateboarding, sky diving, soccer, tennis and more. Whether you're a trash-talking diehard or only pay attention during playoffs, we've got your game, set and match covered.

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2013-08-01 13:35:30 by AKindVoiceRadio

Sports Talk Radio Host Needed

We are looking for sports talk hosts for our radio program. It is part of the "A Kind Voice" non-profit organization ( whose purpose is to connect those who need to talk with a volunteer who is willing to listen. We are a topic based call-in line (800.876.2399) and one of the topics we take calls on is sports. The premise is people sometimes feel a bit alone and a good conversation on sports maybe just the thing that is needed.
If you're interested in working with us please go to or call 800.876.2399 ext 5.
Please note, you should do this only if you believe in the importance of our mission, as this will be a non-paid position

2012-08-16 10:05:31 by has-a

Local sports talk is entirely provincial, and

Provincial sense of humor.
i don't understand how national sports talk radio works, other than simply as a stats feed for gambling junkies, but even they have iphones now so what's the point? seems like a stupid idea. at most they should intersperse national with local, even including cross-program communication at times. but a 24 hour national sports talk radio station will simply never get a large number of listeners in any single market so I don't know how you make it work as a business model. i really don't. i give props to the Boston sports talk industry for finding ways to be funny and interesting

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