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Sports Industry Top Ten of the Week for Sept 19th

The reality of working in sports radio is that it doesn’t begin with catered lunches, fancy cars and billboards sprawling across major highways with your dimpled chin on it, sports radio jobs start in small, humble markets far from your creature comforts.

“If play-by-play or sports radio jobs are something you want to pursue out of college, realize that you better have your bags packed and be ready to move to a small market away from friends and family, ” says Jim Tarrabocchia, Sports Director and Play-by-Play announcer for KASL radio in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

“Listening and seeing sports radio personalities and play-by-play guys on radio and television looks like a blast, and it is, it’s a very rewarding career, but be realistic, those guys paid their dues, and you will have to too.”

What gets lost on many aspiring sports journalists, whether in sports radio or television, is that everyone they watch on network television or hear on sports radio started small and proved themselves with hard work, attention to detail and an unwavering passion for what they do.

“I grew up in Southern New Jersey in the shadow of Philadelphia with the beach 30 minutes away, ” recalls Tarabocchia. “I knew though, that while I may return to that area someday, I have to work my way up the ladder in this industry and getting this opportunity in Cheyenne is huge.”

Here’s more about starting a career in sports radio and play-by-play announcing with KASL sports director Jim Tarabocchia:

I had a former Associate Producer of mine start his on-air career in Pocatello, Idaho and he called me one day and said ‘they want me to report on the rodeo and I know nothing about rodeo’… have you had moments like that and if so how did you handle it?

Tarabocchia: It’s funny you ask that because, when I was talking with management about coming to KASL, they told me right out that not only would I be doing play-by-play and covering football and basketball, but I would also be calling volleyball matches.

As soon as I heard that, I studied up, watched film of matches, and listened to other broadcaster’s call volleyball matches. I grew up watching all four major sports not mention played all four – I know as little as one could about volleyball.

For two weeks before I started, all I did was try to learn about volleyball every day.

People don’t always appreciate the amount of work that goes into sports radio jobs, take us through what a normal day is like for you as sports director at KSAL radio.

Tarabocchia: Every day is basically trying to touch upon every one of my duties as Sports Director, some more than others.

I get into the station around 6AM, Prep for my morning sports update, perform, and then prep for the upcoming football, or basketball game that I’ll be doing that weekend.

I stick with that routine throughout the day, and sprinkle in phone calls I have to make, talk to some sales clients, and produce promos for upcoming sports events on the station.

You started out doing play-by-play for the Florida Collegiate Summer League – how did you get that opportunity and has it helped you build your confidence in doing play by play?

Tarabocchia: I was a Division 1 college baseball player and not only did I collect some great memories, I also made some great contacts.

I really wanted to get some baseball play-by-play experience, so I got in contact with MLB Network personality Scott Braun, looked through the top 5 Collegiate Summer Leagues throughout the country, one thing led to another and I was a play-by-play broadcaster for the Florida Collegiate Summer League.

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2007-03-22 09:13:49 by Stoney001

How can you can get a sports writers job?

I studied communications in college. Mostly I focused on TV and Radio. When I had first started college I wanted to be more into journalism but let that fall by the way side. My questions is if I wanted to get some sports writer jobs how could I accomplish this? Free Lance seems the way to go but how and where exactly do you look for these opportunities?

2011-12-15 10:01:50 by VenusVibeTrap

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