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In the Chicago Radio Spotlight: What's A Nice Girl Like You...?

In the Chicago Radio Spotlight: What's A Nice Girl Like You...?

By , January 4, 2013 at 2:01 pm

My career's taken me many places, including stints at guest-lecturing on Title IX, women's sports and women's sports issues. Here, I'm at Moraine Valley Community College. I've also guest-lectured at Columbia College and DePaul University in Chicago.

Happy 2013, all!

One of my resolutions is to get to know the readers of my blog better. And what better way is there than to introduce myself to you, first?

After all, you need to know what gives me the right to my opinions about everything sports, and especially, women's sports and women's sports issues. And why I fight for the right to cover sports every chance I get.

And 2012, writer and friend Rick Kaempfer featured me on his "Chicago Radio Spotlight" blogsite. Bless the veteran journalist, radio producer and host, and all-around good guy for asking great questions.

You can read more of Rick's writing by going to his websites, and , or reading his new book on John Records Landecker:

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Alison Moran has been part of the Chicago radio scene for twenty years. She is now the women's sports director at SRN Broadcasting. She also writes the Token Female sports blog for ChicagoNow.

Rick: You and Roe Conn have something in common. You both got your starts in radio working for esteemed Chicago broadcasters who just happened to be blind. Roe worked with Don Vogel at WMAQ, and you worked with Bob Greenberg at WBEZ. Tell us how you got your foot in the door there, and what some of your duties were.

Alison: Thanks for asking, Rick! Truth be told. I had prayed for an opportunity to do some kind of broadcasting and I was a volunteer at CRIS Radio, a sub-carrier of WBEZ, in the late 80's. I attended a CRIS fundraiser, and I met Bob there. He told me he was looking for more people who could take him to games and essentially, be his "seeing eyes." It became my post-college internship for a year and a half. Bob worked very hard as a one-man sports show. He was also the Chicago correspondent for KMOX-AM, the 50, 000-watt CBS station in St. Louis, and for the public radio station in Champaign-Urbana, so we were feeding game actualities and wrap-up reports until just before dawn. Bob also did a 15-minute show for CRIS Radio called "Sportscene, " which he eventually gave to me. Then, he'd go on the air at WBEZ in the early AM. The man never rested! What did I do? Everything! Went inside the locker room to seek out players for him to interview, learned to write the wrap-ups, and splice tape. A few months later, Bob lost his voice, and cleared me to do reports on his behalf. So my voice was being heard on WBEZ airwaves for a month. I also got to cover the Citrus Bowl in Orlando when Jeff George announced he was going pro, and the NHL All-Star Game at Chicago Stadium.

Rick: A few weeks ago I interviewed sports reporter Cheryl Raye-Stout. One of our topics of discussion was the dearth of females covering sports. You were another one in the trenches during the 90s, as a news & sports reporter at UPI. Tell us a few more tales of a woman covering the male-dominated world of professional sports.

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2012-12-03 17:13:27 by diverseworld

It's that time of year again...

Time for lawsuits about religious symbols on public property, that is. I've been to Whitefish MT but had never heard about this particular statue until a radio story today. Their last photo shows him sporting a ski helmet.
Several years ago there was a suit about symbols in our airport and I'm not sure what they're doing this year. Since the successful suit they've varied between putting up symbols of all sorts all over the place and putting in nothing but lights

2006-06-18 14:51:34 by kidsnpupz

Posted in the community section - trying to help

Spread the word. I am so sad for these dogs! I am sure the person didn't know there were dogs in the car, and I can only image when he/she realized it, they likely just opened the door and let them out... :(
Chuckanut Golden Retrievers Stolen.
While at a dog show in Renton, Washington, Sunday June 18 at 1:00 a.m., a 2002 white GMC Savanah Cargo Van was stolen with 5 golden retrievers inside. License plate #A49326V.
The owners are Ken Matthews and Wayne Miller of Chuckanut Golden Retrievers.
The dogs are:
Andy 7 yo male, sporting group winner at Westminster this year

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