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ESPN Radio iPhone App Is One Of The Sleaziest Corporate Deals I


Do you love the Green Bay Packers?

- Live Sports News & Radio Broadcasts in the background
- Read current team news articles
- Full season schedule & scores

This is the ultimate fans app for your device!!

Disclaimer: The use of any team names, trademarks or photos have been used for description purposes only and does not endorse any affiliation with any sporting team. All rights remain with their current owners. All stations have their own specific broadcasting restrictions and rights.

Customer Reviews

Streams fast and loud by SourcingDude

Like watching tv but the announcers are better on local stations.

Listened to the Packers-Lions game today with no problem. That reviewer obviously didn't try to listen to the game!!

A+ App by heinzdufen

Listening to the Pack is easy now. Every game right here on my phone or iPad

Plus great graphics and news stories as well

Now the stations are even better than before and all packers media.

Nicely done - Go Pack!! by 89roadster98

Great for on the go, in the car or wherever I am.

My go to app now for my team.

JJACR APPS LLC Green Bay Football Live - Sports Radio, Schedule & Scores
Mobile Application (JJACR APPS LLC)
  • Listen in the background!
  • See all the current Green Bay Packers Scores
  • Never miss a game with the Packers Schedule
2003-02-03 12:04:17 by calling_themselves_WE

That's why I think sports fan are so funny

It doesn't matter if it's the Raiders, the Niners, the Giants, etc., WE do not own the team. WE get no say in anything other than paying our money and bitching on the radio.
The only team that can claim any semblance of "WE" is the Green Bay Packers (and maybe the Boston Celtics). At least in those places, a fan can actually own and have input on the team. Otherwise, you're only a WE as long as you agree with the owner and he hasn't moved the team to another group of WE's.

2004-06-15 10:41:32 by baldy

King Kaufman

April 2, 2004 | The racially insensitive sports comment of the week comes to you courtesy of former Notre Dame and Green Bay Packers great Paul Hornung, who said in a radio interview that Notre Dame has to lower its academic standards if it wants to return to football glory "because we gotta get the black athlete. We must get the black athlete if we're going to compete."
Hornung quickly apologized. For real. It wasn't a sports apology -- "I'm sorry if anyone is so sensitive as to be offended by my harmless remarks" -- but one in which he said, "I was wrong." And the condemnation of his remarks around the country has been swift and stern but not overwrought

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