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It was so nice to hear Tom Gamble talking about the Cincinnati Bengals all morning on the new FM all-sports talk format launched today on WCFN-FM (100.3), the “Cincinnati Fan.”

After an 18 month break from radio, Gamble returned to the airwaves today to launch the sports format on the former MOJO. The rest of the day you’ll hear the new CBS Sports Radio network lineup of featuring John Feinstein (9 a.m.-noon), former Fox Sports Radio star Jim Rome (noon-3 p.m.) and Doug Gottlieb (3-6 p.m.).

This is what Cincinnati needs, someone to talk about the Reds, Bengals, Xavier, Bearcats, Wildcats and Buckeyes in the morning — instead of waiting until the afternoon — and not having to hear ESPN’s Mike & Mike talk about the Jets, Mets, Yankees, Patriots and Eagles.

Here’s a link to my Sunday story about the format change. And you can listen online to the station here.

Do you think sports talk will work on FM here?

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Epic The Young and the Hopeless
Music (Epic)
2005-01-20 20:16:41 by peacewar

Damn Lib Media continue to eat up radio stations

Clear Channel Rolls Out More Liberal Talk Radio
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Clear Channel Communications Inc. on Wednesday said it converted three stations to a liberal talk format and this year could double to 44 the number of stations carrying such programming.
After offering mostly conservative-leaning talk for the past decade, Clear Channel and other broadcasters are now embracing "progressive" talk to woo a listener base that is growing increasingly fragmented due to satellite, Internet radio and devices like iPods.
The nation's biggest radio operator said it switched underperforming stations in Washington, D

2006-03-02 14:12:37 by Desert_Ratt

33 -- here you go.....

Famous scores
Pat McInally, a wide receiver/punter from Harvard University who played for the Cincinnati Bengals from 1977 to 1985, is the only player known to have scored a perfect 50. In 2005, it was rumored that Ryan Fitzpatrick, a quarterback also from Harvard, scored a perfect 50, but his actual accomplishment was to finish the test in 9 minutes with a score of 38 — the most impressive speed ever seen at the NFL Combine. Fitzpatrick was drafted in 2005 by the St. Louis Rams — referenced in The Wall Street Journal (September 30, 2005) as the NFL's Smartest Team.
Some rumored, but unconfirmed, scores of other NFL players and draft candidates:
Pat McInally, punter — 50
Mike Mamula, defensive end — 49
Kevin Curtis, wide receiver — 48
Adam Cox, sports...

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