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The Best Music,
and Entertainment
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SiriusXM is available in most new and many pre-owned vehicles. See if your vehicle is equipped with Satellite Radio.

E Street Radio ch. 20

Howard 100 ch. 100

SiriusXM NFL Radio ch. 88

Oprah Radio ch. 111 (Sirius ch. 204)

SiriusXM Stars ch. 107

CNN ch. 115

With over 140 channels,there's a lot to listen to.

Only SiriusXM Radio brings you the best music,news,sports & entertainment…
all in one place.

It can be a little overwhelming (in a good way) for new listeners.Take a moment to check out all we have to offer and you'll be sure to get the most out of your SiriusXM
trial subscription.

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Sirius Satellite Radio SIRIUS SCC1 Connect Universal Tuner
CE (Sirius Satellite Radio)
  • The SIRIUS SC-C1 Sirius Connect universal tuner lets you to receive SIRIUS Satellite Radio in your vehicle. Just add a Sirius Connect adapter (available soon) and...
2008-06-15 11:09:35 by Noobie77

Sirius satellite radio problem

I have a Sirius satellite radio (xact xtr7ck) which stopped working while on the road one day. While playing music it seemed to stop and return back to the welcome/intro screen. It's now frozen on the "satellite radio" intro screen whenever I turn it on. Only the power on/off button seems to work and there is no issue/error messages due to the antenna or obstacles around because nothing else appears on the screen nor do any of the other buttons work. Anyone have any similar problems? If so any advice? I bought the unit off a friend with lifetime subscription but never transferred any info onto my name (aka Sirius isn't involved)

2006-12-28 16:55:33 by -

Satellite radio a great ideal...

...5 years ago. When radio conglomerates were pumping the same crap coast to coast. The same cookie cutter formula was inserted in every city. There was little variety anywhere.
But with .mp3 players and podcasts widespread today. You basically make your own block programming. So satellite radio missed the boat. They are the next Iridium.
Both XM and Sirius missed subscription targets. The new subscribers aren't coming in fast enough and the churn of old customers is killing them.
Google how much each company spends per customer. The number is astonding.
I hear the old, "people didn't pay for cable TV before

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SiriusXM XM XVSAP1V1 SkyDock In-Vehicle Satellite Radio for iPhone and iPod touch
Network Media Player (SiriusXM)
  • Enjoy live Satellite Radio anywhere you drive using your iPod touch or iPhone
  • PowerConnect FM Transmitter works through your vehicle s radio with easy do-it-yourself installation
  • Discover new music, tag for later purchase from iTunes and expand your personal music library
  • Flexible stalk optimizes placement in your vehicle--app works in portrait or landscape mode
  • Coects to cigarette lighter adapter and charges your iPod touch or iPhone while you listen
  • Just Tag It. Discover new music, easily purchase from iTunes and expand your personal music library
  • Portrait or Landscape View
  • Flexible Stalk: Optimizes placement in your vehicle
  • Stay Charged: Charges your iPod touch or iPhone while you listen
  • Easy installation: Sky Dock works through your vehicle s existing FM Radio with Power Connect or with provided Aux In cable for easy, Do-It-Yourself installation
Get a Free Year of SiriusXM Satellite …
Get a Free Year of SiriusXM Satellite …
Sirius Satellite Radio XM XPMP3H1 Portable Satellite Radio and MP3 Player (XMp3i)
Car Audio or Theater (Sirius Satellite Radio)
  • Pause and replay up to 30 minutes of XM programming
  • Record songs while you listen, or schedule recordings of your favorite shows
  • TuneSelect and GameSelect find your favorite artists or sports events on any XM channel
  • Upload and manage MP3/WMA files with the included XM2go Music Manager software
  • 2 GB on-board memory, expandable via the microSD card slot
Sirius Sirius Sportster Universal Remote Control
Car Audio or Theater (Sirius)
  • Works with all Sirius Sportster Series Receivers
  • Battery Included
  • Black with Silver Trim or Solid Black Depending on Stock
SRS Sirius XM Radio FAKRA Antenna Adapter Connector Sirius XM Radio Factory Antenna Adapter
Single Detail Page Misc (SRS)
  • For use with Sirius and XM Radio Antennas with FAKRA adapter housing
  • Connects the FAKRA antenna plug and receiver plug
  • Now you can use ANY XM Radio antenna with a receiver with FAKRA port
  • Includes (1) gold custom FAKRA adapter connector
  • Sirius XM Radio Approved Product

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