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Grant Random hails from the "trailer park capital of Illinois.” He's been a Ruby Tuesday waiter, a public access TV host and a vacuum cleaner salesman. He's been arrested more than once, has a strange fascination with yetis, alpacas, and ping-pong and he owns all four seasons of Knight Rider on DVD.

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Kayla began her career in music at her college radio station at Seton Hall University. It was because of albums like Sevendust’s Home and Incubus’ S.C.I.E.N.C.E. that she fell in love with the hard rock. The passion for this music is a part of her that she loves to be able to share. Stay heavy!

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El Covino thinks of himself as "El Hombre." Some even call him "The Baddest Latin in Manhattan" (according to Covino). He says it was hard to choose between taking Derek Jeter's job or rocking the nation's airwaves. We’re glad he chose the mic over the mitt. (But please note: Covino is delusional.)

José | emailMetallically raised in Arizona, Jose Mangin went from pharmacy school grad student to satellite radio pioneer, shaping SiriusXM’s rock department into its present kick-ass form. In addition to his programming/on-air duties with Liquid Metal and Octane, Mangin also hosts MTV2’s Headbanger’s Ball and the nationally syndicated LatiNation TV.

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Girls with piercings, tattoos and a love for punk and metal don’t go over well in an Arizona cow town, so Shannon Gunz moved to the big city. Check her out if you’re looking for a chick who's just as comfortable in high heels and a hot dress as she is getting dirty on a motocross bike.

2008-06-22 22:18:20 by -

Radio has been ruined by allowing

One owner to have many properties in one market. There is no real choice in terrestrial.
Sadly, based on my listening to satellite, there's not much choice there, either. It's still playlist-based as far as I can tell.
If you're into any kind of music that is not and has never been mainstream pop, good luck finding it on XM or Sirius.
Me, for instance...I just love small group jazz. Is there such a station on XM/Sirius? Nope. There's a "crooners" station with ballads from the jazz era. There's a blues station that comes close to jazz

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