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Three years after launching Satellite Radio Superstore, Matt and Aimee Moffett’s online business is pushing $3 million in sales and their company was recently named one of the top 10 independent retailers by XM Radio.

Satellite Radio Superstore is an authorized XM satellite radio dealer offering products, accessories and service. The store offers customers a large selection of products, including XM satellite radio accessories, a variety of satellite radio and MP3 player choices and XM satellite radio receivers.

Matt spent four months building his first site in his spare time in 2003, but now works with his staff of 12 to help operate the XM Radio store while developing a Sirius (another leading satellite radio provider) website that is scheduled launch soon.

PeC: Why was this particular business started?

Matt Moffett: My wife and I started our business in our home in early 2003. I had worked for her father in the satellite TV business for a number of years. I was turned on to XM Radio at a dealer training and realized the potential of the product right away. We incorporated the business in May 2003 and launched out first website in August 2003.

PeC: Do you sell products through other channels?

Matt Moffett: We just started selling through eBay a few months ago. I have been very hesitant to get on eBay, but my staff encouraged me to do it. It has been a success since day one.

PeC: How do you market your store?

Matt Moffett: We do our SEO (search engine optimization) in-house and some pay-per-click. We do not do any email marketing or spam marketing. We have recently looked at doing shopping sites such as PriceGrabber and others.

PeC: What challenges have you faced launching your business and how have you addressed those?

Matt Moffett: First, gaining credibility with the financial community and banks to obtain the credit-card volume and resources you need to grow a business. Trying to start an Internet business from your home poses problems for many banks and creditcard processors. They think you are a criminal before you even sign your name on the application. We had funds held for six months at a time just because we experienced larger-than-expected growth.We felt we were being punished for being successful.We went through a couple of credit card processors before we found one that was willing to help us grow. In the end we found a processor who was willing to take a risk with us.

Second, finding quality software that can actually help you grow a business without putting you in the poor house. When we started the business we did everything by hand. We double, triple and, even in some cases, entered things five different times into different systems. Things where not very efficient and we struggled to keep above water during the busy season. When we started looking for software to get us to the level we needed to be at, we found the market for small businesses with our type of issues had very little solutions to choose from. So it was a breath of fresh air when we found StoneEdge Order Manager. The program has brought us from being overloaded to having the ability to scale with demand. We currently use the following systems, and all are integrated with StoneEdge: QuickBooks, MonsterCommerce and We also use programs such as Intellicontact for email newsletters and ProSite Business Tools, which manages all of our national installations and installers for the commercial business.

Satellite Radio Superstore SIRIUS XM Radio RG6 COAX Antenna Conversion Kit
Single Detail Page Misc (Satellite Radio Superstore)
  • Easily Extend Your Antenna Length Can be used with RG6 COAX Cable to extend satellite radio antennas to desired lengths.
  • Hassle Free Installation Simply plug in the RG6 converter on one end and the SMB converter on the other end and you are all set
2008-06-15 11:09:35 by Noobie77

Sirius satellite radio problem

I have a Sirius satellite radio (xact xtr7ck) which stopped working while on the road one day. While playing music it seemed to stop and return back to the welcome/intro screen. It's now frozen on the "satellite radio" intro screen whenever I turn it on. Only the power on/off button seems to work and there is no issue/error messages due to the antenna or obstacles around because nothing else appears on the screen nor do any of the other buttons work. Anyone have any similar problems? If so any advice? I bought the unit off a friend with lifetime subscription but never transferred any info onto my name (aka Sirius isn't involved)

2006-01-10 13:34:22 by BabaJ

Sirius Satellite Radio Indoor Signal

Does anybody here (Raleigh) have Sirius satellite radio? If so, can you use it indoors without putting an antenna on your roof? I live in NE Raleigh and want to get Sirius unless I have to drill a hole in my house. I know Raleigh has a repeater but I don't know specifically where it is.
If you can get a signal please post what part of town you are in.
Does anyone know of a shop where you can put down a deposit and try out the signal at home?
Thank you!

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CE (SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio)
  • Connects to any headphone jack or 3.5mm audio input or output
  • Connect your SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio into your car
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  • Works with all SiriusXM Radio PowerConnect car/vehicle cradles with red power port
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Car Audio or Theater (Sirius XM)
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