Delphi Satellite Radio

XM Satellite Radio ReceiverDelphi was the first automotive supplier to license technology to both XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio and continues to lead the market with millions of systems currently in the marketplace.Sirius Satellite Radio ReceiverA supplier of total systems for vehicles compatible with both broadcast formats,Delphi satellite radio systems include a receiver,user interface and antenna. Receivers can be integrated into the radio or remotely located and allow channel name,artist and song title to be displayed so listeners know what is playing.


  • Delphi alignment with both broadcast providers
  • Delphi system integration expertise
  • Total system solution
  • Digital-quality music and talk programming
  • Wide variety of listening option including Rock,Jazz,Classical,News,Sports and Talk
  • Commercial-free music channels
  • Program continuity and uninterrupted reception coast-to-coast
  • Users don’t drive out of a channel’s range
  • Enables enhanced data services
  • Features

    • Satellite broadcast receiver
    • 2.3 GHz high-frequency signal reception
    • Multiple vehicle bus structure compatible

    XM Satellite Radio Receiver

    Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver

    Satellite radio reception requires a monthly subscription to XM or Sirius Satellite Radio service. Reception may be degraded by satellite signal obstruction.

    For Dummies Ham Radio For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))
    Book (For Dummies)
    2009-04-12 08:20:19 by lv89120

    TRADE-Delphi myfi satellite radio 4 digital cam.

    Hi there.
    i'm in need to trade a delpthi, xm2go, myfi personal satellite radio for a digicam.
    delphi myfi was purchased at sharper image and is used, excellent condition. was used for road trips mostly.
    can be used at home, in the vehicle and with earbuds that have never been used. has remote also.
    i'm looking for a digicam that has a good battery life or rechargeable battery and has been cared for.
    all included is what's in the picture. thank you.
    cut and paste to see picture

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    Yaesu Yaesu VX-3R VHF/UHF DualBand Handheld Amateur HAM Radio Tranceiver!
    CE (Yaesu)
    • Receives 0.5-Mhz AM/FMN/FMW, Transmits 144-148 & 430-450Mhz VHF/UHF FM.
    • Output is 1.5W Vhf, 1W UHF - Includes LiOn Batt, Antenna & Charger.
    • 1ch AlphaNumeric memories, ctcss/dcs, Scanning & more!
    • Super Micro size of only 1.9 x 3.2 x 0.9 inches (excluding top knob & antenna)
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    Book (Fifth Estate, Incorporated)
    G4DPZ AmsatDroid Free
    Mobile Application (G4DPZ)
    • Calculate passes for up to the next 24 hours
    • Graphical pass display
    • Map view showing current satellite position
    • Update keps from a file on SD card or directly from AMSAT or Celestrak
    • Set home coordinates from Network or by user input
    Redman CB Redman CB Roof Eave Antenna Mount Gable Bracket TV Satellite Dish Cb Ham Radio
    PC Accessory (Redman CB)
    • Redman Quality Eave Antenna Mount !

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