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The best lite rock music with a variety of yesterday and today. Your listen at work station. Plays songs from Rod Stewart, Huey Lewis, Diana Ross, Madonna, Eric Clapton, The Four Tops, Backstreet Boys and more. KSNE 106.5 FM.

Lite Rock 96.5 FM
Lite Rock/ Soft Rock Radio Station
Location: San Francisco (Bay Area), California
Tune in to 96.5 to hear great soft rock music from artists like Elton John, Santana, Pat Benatar, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Dido, Nelly Furtado, Michael Jackson and more. Live streaming music from KOIT, 96.5 FM.

Toronto's Lite 98.1 FM RadioLite Rock/ Soft Rock Radio Station
Location: Tononto, Ontario, Canada
Playing only the top hits from artists like Usher, Miley Cyrus, Maroon 5, Dido, Jason Derulo and more. Online streaming radio, CHFI 98.1 FM.

Soft Rock 99.9 FM
Lite Rock/ Soft Rock Radio Station
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Plays songs from Michael Buble, Chris Rice, Rob Thomas, Daniel Powter, Pink, Prince, Mariah Carey, The Bee Gees, The Eagles and more. Online streaming radio from KESZ 99.9 FM.

"The Lite" 93.9 FM Radio
Lite Rock/ Soft Rock Radio Station
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Today's hits and yesterday's favorites from artists like Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, Prince, Madonna, James Blunt, Taio Cruz, Lifehouse, Michael Buble, Daniel Powter, Elton John and more. WLIT, 93.9 FM.

Lite Rock / Soft Rock Radio Stations

2004-11-14 08:57:09 by music-choices

Workplace Question: Why the soft rock?

A couple of places I've worked at, the co-workers only listened to light rock/less talk radio stations. And it always seemed strange because one of them was a facilities management stockroom, with these big burly guys in receiving. It almost seemed like they had no say in what music was being played.
I've had other bosses who only listen to smooth jazz, and soft rock.
Is there some unwritten rule that a company just play non-controversial lullaby music? I would think they would favor classical over soft rock. I'd rather hear classical than Michael Bolton.
What's the deal?

2005-10-12 12:37:45 by mselen

Need advice. How do you stop your cat

Imagefrom changing the station on your alarm radio? I like hard rock to wake me up in the morning. Max likes soft rock or classical. I'm always waking up to stations *he* likes--even though I check the station every night before I go to bed. We have had several discussions on the subject, but he's adamant.
Moving the radio is not an option.
The culprit guarding the radio.

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