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Rock and Heavy Metal Music
Location: Covina, California
International Hard Rock and Heavy Metal from goups like Queensryche, Poison, Kiss, Deluhi, Glay, Avenged Sevenfold and more. Steaming live, online only radio station.

Heavy Rock/ Hard Rock Music
Location: Waynesboro, Virginia
Playing hard rock hits from bands like Foo Fighters, Sick Puppies, Chevelle, Living Colour, Rage Against The Machine, Drowning Pool, Def Leppard, Tommy Lee and Theory of Deadman and more. Online radio station "The Rock" by 181 FM.

Classic Rock & Hard Rock
Location: San Antonio, Texas
X106.7 FM is San Antonio's source for all the hits online. Plays music from Queen, The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Foreigner and more. Live streaming music from 106.7 FM, KTKX.

More heavy rock & hard rock radio stations will be added soon! Please check back!

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2004-09-06 14:36:21 by -

Oh, and one more thing

The setup I'm referring to is get an iRock adapter, and a set of wireless headphones that gets radio stations. Hope that helps.
Only drawback is you lose stereo, everything's in mono, and I wouldn't recommend it if you are into a lot of heavy metal/bass heavy rock n' roll, because it's a little iffy when it comes to translating those. It varies occasionally, and I've noticed it works a lot better on store-bought CDs, not mp3-derived ones.

2010-06-03 07:51:53 by VagabondGurl

We've been doing similarly...

We're not using a dj, but creating our own playlist on an ipod to plug in. But we've been listening to our music library on random and moving songs to the wedding folder as we go along. I also don't have a lot of "my" music saved that I like (as I'm more of a radio listener) so I've been listening to my stations on Pandora.com and adding those songs to the folder, too!
I agree with cookiesandcorn, too. If there are songs you don't want (or genres, say - heavy metal or gansta rap) definitely make that be known! I'm requiring the chicken dance (dork, I know!) but otherwise, FH doesn't want anything similar

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