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brad paisley.jpg bradpaisley.comHarrisburg station WMHX-FM launched its new Z Country 106.7 this afternoon with singer Brad Paisley's song, "This is Country Music."

Harrisburg’s WMHX-FM did an about-face at 1:06 p.m. today, announcing the departure of one format with ’N Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye” and the arrival of a new one with “This is Country Music” by Brad Paisley.

Say hello to Z Country 106.7, which plans to play 10, 000 songs in a row, commercial-free, to celebrate the launch. The station, a former country music station more recently formatted for “Hip Hop, Hair Bands and Everything In Between, ” will now play country hits from the 1990s to the present for its central Pennsylvania listeners. That means a steady diet of artists such as Paisley, Alan Jackson, Reba McEntire, Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton.

Format changes are common in the radio industry, a means of attracting a new audience and new advertisers to a station. It can also mean turnover in staffing and outrage among fans of the old format. The new format at WMHX spelled the end of the Cumulus Media radio station’s former mashed-up playlist, which included Oasis and Color Me Badd.

Cumulus, the nation’s second largest radio chain, owns stations in 68 cities, including five in the Harrisburg market. Last August, Cumulus switched from the long-running classic R&B format on 95.3-FM The Touch in favor of ESPN sports programming.

In the United States, country music, with 2, 012 stations, is the second most popular among dozens of available radio formats, trailing only news/talk, used by 2, 222 stations, according to Inside Radio. Religion, with 1, 534 stations, contemporary Christian (1, 018), sports (680), adult contemporary (611), Top 40 (568) and classic rock (491) are other popular format choices.

The central Pennsylvania market already features stations with a country music format, including Clear Channel’s WRBT-FM 94.9 in Harrisburg and Potential Broadcasting’s WCAT-FM 102.3 in Carlisle. “We know there’s a lot of competition, ” Giovanniello said, “but we feel as though there is room for us.”

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Barry then, without having another cigarette despite a slight urge, dialed Bud Schuster of Pennsylvania. Barry was first told by staff in Harrisburg that Mr. Schuster was in a meeting, but the properly caller-identified transmission was immediately routed to the individual who had inadvertently been misrepresented by a congressional aide.
As president, Barry would have a direct ‘red-phone’ to anyone he wished to speak with and he planned to add Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase to his ‘buddy list’ as well. People would learn to take his calls and radio stations and rap artists would enjoy a piece of his fame

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