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Vintage Radio is now playing in the theater of your mind.

Re-live the Golden Age or Radio.

Four thousand episodes come preloaded on the app and with one of the low cost subscription options a further 34, 000 episodes open up the whole history of old time radio broadcasting from the golden age. Listen to tens of thousands of the best episodes from the most popular shows broadcast in the 30's, 40's and 50's. Gunsmoke, Fibber McGee & Molly, Lights Out, The Jack Benny Show, X-Minus One, just to list a 5 of the 550 programs offered.

Tune into the world of yesteryear and meander through the whole whopping treasure trove of 38, 000 old time radio shows.

Featured in The NYT, The Daily, TUAW & AppAdvice!

Recent Reviews

"This is, without a doubt, the best OTR app available in the store. To say the selection is huge does not adequately describe the sheer number of shows and episodes available." ifitsfreeitsforme

"I've been a fan of OTR for nearly 40 years and I am astonished by the sheer multitude of shows available. I am also surprised at the great overall sound quality of the programs. I went ahead and signed up for the monthly subscription which is only $1.99/mo. What a bargain!" Dachshund Heaven

"This is a Great App! The developer answered me right away when I had a problem. It takes hard work to invent an app for Apple customers. It is especially good to know that a nice person was behind the development; and was there to help me. Enjoy" zzzzzzzxxx

"This is absolutely the best app ever. Apple needs to get on the ball and promote this. I can't get enough. Dropped my satellite radio because vintage radio shows were all I listened too." tatorchip33

"I have had this for a long time and just love it. I can listen to an old time radio show anytime, anywhere. Thousands of choices in all genres. I am currently listening to Phillip Marlowe. I can't say enough good things about this app. Just wonderful!!!" PuffyClementine

"Seemingly endless quality shows. Many are rare but very worthy. My favorite ATM is the mystery "Box 13" starring Alan Ladd. Listen to shows to go to sleep. So many different ones. It's amazing." Jen303


Unlimited playlists, allow you to arrange the episode order as desired and a sleep timer is perfect for those night time tales.

Some of the many new features:

* Playlists - play one show after another, in any order.

* History - view and access the shows you've enjoyed.

* Popular - see what others are listening to.

* Control Panel - share shows via Facebook & Twitter or email them to a friend.

Give it a try & download Vintage Radio today!


Vintage Radio contains 4, 000 old time radio shows out of the box and no further purchase is required to enjoy those shows, they will always be available. If you are a member of you can enter your credentials to open up access to all episodes without the need for an in-app membership.

Master Classics Records TV Shows On The Radio - The Ultimate Old-Time Radio Collection Vol. 1
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2006-11-23 22:13:08 by phylum

There are two options I can think of.

First, do you have a Mac using OS X 10.4.? If so, you can use the Dashboard and have access to all sorts of OTR (Old Time Radio) .
Here's what I found by googling the Dashboard:
"Vintage Radio - Dashboard - Radio & Podcasts
Listen to Old Time Radio Shows from the 30s, 40s, and 50s from Vintage Radio"
They offer free ones on the website and paid ones as well for $6.95.
The other option is just google what you want on your browser. Have you tried that yet?
Good luck

2012-12-28 18:04:12 by RockitRadio

Vintage Rock and Roll Radio Shows for sale

Remember the days of Top 40 Radio? We have archived 100s of Rock and Roll Radio Shows from Top Stations around the world. Including 60s Pirate Radio Broadcasts from the UK. We have remastered them onto CD from Tape. Hear how radio really was when it was fun ! From the 50s thru the 70s. Each show is under $10 and proceeds goes to enhance further the restoration in saving and digitalizing these classic radio broadcasts. For an entire list of what is available - check out our webpage at:

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