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Getting a radio show into national radio syndication on terrestrial radio is a goal for many personalities looking to expand their audience. There are a number of how-to guides available that offer step-by-step methods on how to launch a show into radio syndication, however most of these guides over simplify the degree of difficulty in entering into what is an increasingly challenging endeavor. Thinking about syndicating your radio show? Let’s dispel 10 myths about syndicating a radio show:

10. Any radio show/host/idea can be syndicated on terrestrial radio

Many radio hosts feel that if they have a fairly successful local show with a unique delivery, spin or point of view, that they should syndicate the show for the world to hear. The problem is everybody thinks this and radio syndication companies, radio groups and stations are bombarded with pitches and ideas from people just like you. Getting a show into terrestrial radio syndication is much more difficult than simply having a great idea hosted by a fabulous talent. Unless you are a multi-media STAR it is near impossible to be that “must have” show.

9.My show is a smash on the Internet, radio stations will love it.”

If your wish is to get your show “out there” for the world to hear, online distribution via a Podcast, Internet radio station or audio embedded on a website are fabulous ways to distribute your show. You can even do o.k. monetizing your show using these platforms. Just don’t think that terrestrial radio stations will clamor for it no matter how many hits or downloads you get. In fact, most personalities who were successful in radio syndication have moved away from broadcast radio and are now doing their bits on the Internet (Adam Corolla and Tom Leykis come to mind.) Help me if you can think of one that has done it the other way around. Oops, maybe Perez Hilton.

8.Any radio syndication company will represent my show.”

If a radio syndication company says they will take your show/idea and syndicate it nationally without a significant station or number of stations already on the show, question it. For a major radio syndication company the idea of launching a show nationally is having the ability to deliver a certainaudience to national advertisers. Without a measurable audience (unless the syndicator is aggregating the audiences of a number of smaller shows) a show with none or one station has little value.

7. “I’ve got advertisers, I can sell the show myself.”

No you can’t. National advertisers need a show to deliver (or cover) a certain percentage of the US population before they would consider advertising in a particular radio show. They won’t talk to you- that’s what rep firms are for. And if you think you can approach local advertisers in each individual market you may get your show in-think again. You would be in competition with the local sales department at the radio station and that is not going to happen, unless you are paying for airtime and are allowed to bring your own show sponsors.

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92Y - Dennis Prager: The Case for Judaism (March 11, 2008)
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2007-08-23 16:34:26 by -

1190KEX Portland - "listener poll radio"?

All the local programs do is listener polls. The so-called "morning update" has a listener poll. Geeze, I can ask folks I work with what their opinion is of stuff, please take that crap off the airwaves and just give us the news, OK?
Oh, and Mark and Dave "99 44/100 percent hate free", how about getting them to stop spewing hate and start doing a news show...those guys can cram the most number of minutes into the smallest bit of info that I've ever experienced.
Sad when there's more local content on the syndicated radio shows than the locally-produced ones.

2011-01-19 13:23:57 by DestroyAllRovebots

Hate radio assbags Beck/Hannity dumped in Philly

Glenn Beck And Sean Hannity Dropped From Philadelphia Radio Station
Yesterday, hate radio hosts Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity had their nationally syndicated radio shows dropped from WPHT in Philadelphia, which is the second radio station to drop both of the conservative commentators. The moves were scheduled back in November 2010, and Marc Rayfield, market manager for CBS Radio in Philadelphia and senior vice president, said that WPHT wants to become "more of a locally based station."
Just weeks ago, Beck was dropped from WOR in New York, but the most recent cancellation in Philadelphia hurts Beck even more

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