Shower Mirror Radio

ISing Wireless LED Water-Resistant Fogless Mirror w/ FM Radio—Buy Now!

The iSing is unlike anything you’ve seen before–the ultimate in fogless mirror and shower radio technology. It combines a high quality fogless shower mirror with a wireless RF transmitter and FM radio, all in a sleek and stylish design. So you can listen to your MP3 player, streaming music from your PC or even your TV, up to 100 feet away! Also includes a free 4 oz. bottle of Z'Fogless Mirror Cleaner/Anti-Fog Solution that helps keep your mirror crystal-clear and fog-free. Runs on 4 AA and 2 AAA alkaline batteries (not included).

Features include:

  • Powerful Digital Wireless RF Transmitter with 100' range
  • Replaceable optical quality fogless mirror remains clear even in the steamiest environments
  • Water resistant receiver with FM radio
  • LED light for easy viewing
  • 4 high quality stereo speakers for crystal clear sound
  • Closeable hide away doors take up less space
  • Mounts with included suction cups or double sided tape
  • Includes vanity stand and carrying handle
  • Bonus 4 oz. bottle of Z'Fogless Mirror Cleaner/Anti-Fog solution
  • 12.5"L x 2"W x 9.5"H; weighs 2 lbs.
For best results, periodically clean your Z’Fogless Shower Mirror with Z’Fogless Mirror Cleaner and a soft, non-abrasive cloth, to remove residual soap or oils that can reduce the effectiveness of the fogless coating on the mirror surface.
2009-12-04 04:40:51 by stepsherpa

Yea !!

We all play that at my sisters christmas party..On a simple $20 or under premis..I have the craftsman 1/2 in drive air gun to throw in ..Something like that is a big guy thing..We'll be all excited to get that..Plus it was on sale from like $40 bucks so it'll be big compation with the fog resistant stick-on shower mirror razor holder radio combo no bathroom is complete without....Then theres allways the re-wrapped ceramic serving dish shaped like half an apple.

2009-02-17 13:03:32 by one_man_show

It varies but usually starts like this

1) Wake up to annoying classic rock song on radio.
2) Hit snooze.
3) Hear another classic rock song on the radio in a few minutes.
4) Wake up for good and stare at celing for 8 minutes.
5) Look for giant glass of water and/or aspirin (depending on previous nights' activities)
6) Stumble into bathroom and use toilet.
7) Look at self in mirror.
8) Feel depressed while looking at self in mirror.
8) Take a shower, hoping for good water pressure.
9) Put on work clothes.
10) Go to work in a bad mood.

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