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I'm looking for a badass shower radio + clock for my partner. I found a few with great reviews, but they're not all that aesthetically appealing. Design is an important factor for my partner.

Aside from being of good quality (minimal static, loud enough to hear over shower), it only needs to have the basic functions: FM radio and a clock feature.

The ideal product will fit in his shower, which lacks a shelf in the walls, a built-in seat in the corner, etc. It's a standard-sized shower, not the kind you'd find in a master bathroom.

He would not be okay with any drilling, but I suppose hanging would okay. The walls are tile and it has a sliding glass door, so anything with adhesive properties would be okay. The one he has now sits in the tiny corner where the upper rim of the bathtub portion of the shower meets the wall (that area where many people put bottles of shampoo, if that makes sense).

His current shower clock-radio is still in great condition after 10-15 years, but it's ugly. He's requested that I find one that looks sleeker and more modern. I'd like to stay under $200, but I have some flexibility.

These two have excellent reviews, but they're not any better looking than what he currently has:
- Sangen H201 AM/FM digital shower radio
- Sony ICF-CD73W AM/FM/Weather Shower CD Clock Radio

Is this as good as it gets?

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2013-09-13 14:42:11 by MsPribyla

He needs a clock.

And not to use the radio mode. The BEEP BEEP BEEP mode.
And as others have said, set it in a location such that you have to get out of bed to get to it.
From there, it's on him to get to the coffee pot and get his ass in the shower. I do this every day--up and at them, to the coffee, and so begins my day.
Do you/does he have an automatic coffee maker?

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