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Are you an expert in your profession? Do you have a keen grasp on current issues? Are you witty, intelligent and have a sense of humor? If you have one or more of these qualities, you have the foundation to become a radio talk show host.

Host your own online talk-radio show

What you have to say is always important and what you know is meant to be heard! Whether you'd like to discuss the Latest News, Love & Relationships, Sports, Politics, Health, or Religion - consider us your NEW HOME!

Hosting your own radio show will:
• Provide you and others a forum to discuss what's important to you.
• Allow for true expression in a global environment.
• Influence local and international issues.
• Give you and your listeners an outlet to have fun in an informative and entertaining program.
• Give you a platform to showcase your specific expertise to your target market and/or audience.
• Help you earn additional income through the marketing of your show.

In addition, Talktainment® Radio has the best-qualified personnel to develop your natural skill set into a successful talk show personality. Since technology is advancing at such a rapid pace and the Internet is connecting with masses of people around the world, the time is right to get involved. We will provide you with the opportunity to use your talents and abilities to advance your chosen career path via Internet radio.

If you have dreamed about becoming a radio show host, there is no better time than Right Now, to turn your dream into reality. Perhaps, you may just change the world.

Take a look at our online radio show host packages.

2011-12-20 10:35:48 by QuQ

Lesbian comic launches online radio show

Online Extra: Political Notes: Lesbian comic launches online radio show
Looking to highlight the work and talents of performers who are artistic outliers, San Francisco-based comic Simone Campbell took to the airwaves in late October to launch her weekly Urban Fringe online radio show.
Campbell, an out lesbian who travels nationally on the comedy circuit, engages her guests in wide-ranging conversations that mix the political with the artistic. The show airs Wednesday nights on the website of SOMA-based Internet broadcasting company FCCFree Radio.
"The radio thing is an extension of my comedy," said Campbell, 45, who was recently laid off from...

2004-10-31 10:42:23 by sriegie

Online radio interns

I am launching an online radio show for women and am looking for interns around the world who would like to become "radio show hosts". I had thought to post on various cities through craiglist.
I saw that once I posted on Seattle under volunteers, that I can not list the same one on any other city sites. My concern is that someone living outside of Seattle would not see my posting.
How can I broaden my intern search?

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