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Being Here Internet Radio Show with Ariel & Shya Kane Our popular Internet radio show Being Here, is one of the top rated shows on the 7th Wave Radio Network, part of the Voice America network, the largest producer of Internet radio in the world. The show airs once a week every Wednesday. Each hour-long show features a different discussion topic and most of the shows will be live, so we invite you to call in (on a toll free number) with questions! All you need is an Internet connection (preferably, broadband or dsl), to easily listen on your computer in real time. Below are all the details.

What's Being Here All About?
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Upcoming Show:

October 23, 2013: Are You Aging or Getting Old?

Your body may be aging but "old" is a state of mind. Tune in to Being Here with Ariel and Shya Kane to reinvigorate the youthful you – no matter what age you are. Callers welcome at Tel# 1–866–472–5795!

Last Week's Show:

October 16, 2013: Party on Dude!

Life can be an excellent adventure if you are here for it. Don't be a wall flower in your life – Tune in with Ariel and Shya and let the party begin! Callers welcome at Tel# 1–866–472–5795! Listen Now

Sponsorship Opportunities

Being Here has consistently been the #1 show on the 7th Wave Network. If you are interested in promoting your business, product or service on our show, please to download our PDF press kit for all of the details and information about sponsorship opportunities. To become a sponsor, please contact Susan Donlon at

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2009-05-01 13:09:05 by BullsEyeDJ

Local Internet Radio Show has Great offers

Hello All ! Just wanted to tell you all about a local internet only radio station that is going to be introducing a new morning show called " my voice " where you can call in to give an opinion on a matter in the news or to advertise a yard sale or to offer an item for sale , anything goes ! Vulgar callers obviously will be cut off ! This show will begin June 1st .
We have been on the air for 2 years and not too many Tompkins county people know about us , hoiwever we do broadcast worldwide and locally so you can even tell your friends or relatives to tune in so you can say hi

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