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Viewliner Ltd.: Gunsmoke Radio Show at Knotts Berry Farm
Yes, it's true, Gunsmoke started out as a radio show. Here's a little bit of info about it:

Main Cast:

WILLIAM CONRAD........................Matt Dillon HOWARD McNEAR.................Charles "Doc" Adams GEORGIA ELLIS.......................Kitty Russell PARLEY BEAR..............Chester Wesley Proudfoot

Supporting Cast:

The supporting cast included people like John Dehner, Vic Perrin,
Barney Phillips, James Nusser, Virginia Gregg, Jeanette Nolan, among others.

Broadcast Information:

Gunsmoke was broadcast on the CBS Radio Network

First Broadcast: April 26, 1952 ("Billy the Kid") Last First Run Broadcast: June 11, 1961 ("Doc's Visitor") Last Broadcast: June 18, 1961 (a rerun of "Letter of the Law")

More info about the Gunsmoke radio show is available,
including a complete episode list and other tidbits: More Radio Info and Episode List

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2008-03-07 14:15:33 by Soulbeckett

I think so , Yes !

Was there an early television show too ?
I just remember the radio show.
Radio was great. You always had your imagination to see it.
Gunsmoke, Paladin along with others were on radio in the 50's. Sgt. Preston of the Royal Mounties was one, but I don't remember if that was the correct title.

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