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Review Content Like it quite a bit, not easy to pair Beautiful, grt sound (once audio level on source is high enough), solid, good to look at. My corner shelf is not quite big enough for it to also enable shampoo bottle, as its stand spreads back a bit. Though Ive used it, and like it a lot, several times, the sequence for pairing w iPad or iPhone is not so simple to remember. And Im very good w these. So its a bit frustrating to have to keep trying, refer to manual. But I overall, quite good. Pricey though. A good product at a decent price A nice product at a decent price. Thank you, Ron MY boyfriend loves it! Perfect gift Bought for my boyfriend. He loves that he can turn it on when ready to get in shower without going out of bathroom to turn on ipod or ask me to.Bluetooth set up was just what he was looking for. Sounds great he hasnt had any complaints. Great Buy Great gift for music lovers! You are able to attach 5 bluetooth items to the music player. Love it!! Great buy! Easy to setup with iPhone, great sound from a small package, shower wall mount works great and no tools required - sure batteries dont last that long but that is expected and if you use rechargables as I do you wont care! Music in the Shower Use it in the shower and bath. Would help me if the time displayed all the time that it is on. Best Shower Music Buddy The mounting bracket sets it away from the wall allowing the sound to reverberate off the wall and protects the speaker from direct water splash. Great investment This is a great investment. The sound quality is amazing for something that uses batteries. Its durable and easy to set up. A little bigger than I thought it would be but still attractive. I use it inside and outside. Great sounds Bought this for my husband, he uses it all the time. I like that you can pair up to 5 different devices to this radio. Recommend! Great for music in the shower! Easy to setup (hanging in shower and paring devices). Volume on this is surprisingly loud. Levels 1-10. No issues listening to music over the sound of shower water and fan. It is a little more difficult to listen to podcasts depending on the volume level of the podcast. If it werent for our automatic fan that turns on I doubt there would be an issue. Without music or water I can listen on a level 4 and be about 10-15ft away. I only wish there were fine tuners that would allow me to rewind/fast forward by 10s or 30s instead of by entire song/podcast. Havent taken it outside, but dont anticipate issues. Was having trouble keeping the stand from falling, but maybe thats just because I had it on a smooth surface? LOVE this product! I love the idea and the item! However, ours has a quality issue with the bluetooth. We need to send it back and exchange for a new one. The only issue we have with it is that you cant sync multiple devices at one time. Excellent Product Music in the shower!! Great product, I love being able to listen to my music from my I-phone in my shower. FANTASTIC The iShower is an excellent device for listening to any bluetooth enabled music player. I have used it with my iPhone 4S, my wifes iPhone 4 and my 3rd generation iPad. Each one plays flawlessly throughout my whole house. Only thing I wish is it came with two mounting brackets so I can put the brackets in both my showers, or if I ever have to remove the mounting bracket from my main shower, because once you do so you can not reattach it anywhere. I use in my wood burning sauna. My husband and I purchased a cabin in northern , MN. Our means of showering is to use our wood burning sauna. Which endures high humidity and high temperatures. We were skeptical about this speaker system due to the environment. But it works magnificently . The sound is clear and vibrant which fills the sauna interior with great sound. I cant say enough about it. It has definitely been one of our best purchases for our cabin. Works as expected except The product works well overall but the sound quality is impaired at the loudest volumes and the time is only displayed when you push a button, Great product! My 9 year old loves to listen to her playlist in the shower. Definitely worth the money!! Underwater clarity I use this daily with my ipone and iheart radio... I can leave it dry in the bedroom while Im in my shower. love love love it! Most shower radios sound bad- this is clear and loud. Awesome Gift to give There are not many shower radio on the market but this one is awesome. I was worried that setting it up with my phone and iPad would be difficult but it was not the case. The set up took only a few minutes. Sound quality is great and it is not difficult to use the controls. A bonus for this product would have been if it had a remote control. This would make a great gift. Best Shower Radio Ever!!! I love listening to the radio in the shower. I had a cd/clock/radio combo, but it ran on 6 C batteries and the reception wasnt all that great. I searched online for a replacement and found this. It was hard to put down that much money on a product that I could not guarantee would work, but I decided to take a chance. I could not be happier with my purchase! This thing is ready to go as soon as you put batteries in it and it sounds great. I highly recommend this if you like listening to music in the shower and you own a smart phone, tablet or a bluetooth enabled computer Amazing Product I use this in my shower. Its great because you just turn it on and it plays your music. There is nothing that I dont like about this product. Great Product My son loves it and uses it daily in the shower. Thinking about getting another one Bought this for my three kids who share one bathroom. They can access there own iPhones music without having to bring the iPhone into the bathroom. Kids love it and it has great sound. A great item for the whole family. I purchased this for my sons who cannot be without music even while in the shower. They previously would set up their iHome in the bathroom to listen to music while showering. The iShower is safer and much easier to use. Good idea and product The speaker isnt the best if turned up slightly loud. But user friendly. Great Device I use the product in the shower to listen to music and keep time. Great Product Great product and easy to use. Gave it as a gift to my wife and she loves it Ishower Its great for people who like listening to music in the shower. Works great! Very easy to synch just make sure to follow the instructions included. Music is nice and loud coming through the speakers. Very pleased with the purchase. Great product! boyfriend loves it! My boyfriend use to leave the door open when he showerd so he could hear music from his computer, now he has this and loves it! he doesnt have to ask me to skip songs anymore! I have recommended this products to othe The best iphone speakers I have found. Multiple uses Awesome product! My 12 year old daughter absolutely loves this product - she now really looks forward to her showers and I cannot get her out of there. She loves the clock as well as she is not late for school. The device can connect via Bluetooth to several sources so it is handy for both her iphone and her itouch. A great gift idea. I would recommend this to other people. This is the first product of its kind in market. Thats why its slightly over priced. They couldve improved on the volume as it doesnt go beyond 10 points. Simple to pair the device and easy to use with self explainatory buttons. Blue tooth shower Great for tunes in the shower! Loud and easy to use. Im singing in the rain! The handle acts as a stand by propping the I shower. Problem is it does not lock in place and can easily collapse. Just need to be careful when setting it on a counter The clock feature does not Tay on. You must push the clock button to see the time which is displayed for a few seconds. Overall though I am really happy with this item Phenomenal product I ALWAYS look for write ups on products Im about to purchase. I gave this product as a gift to someone who thanked me 3xs on 3 separate days and this person hardly ever shows gratitude nor emotion. Funny, yes, I know. Great purchase "You will not be sorry"! I use it in my shower. The clock is great and the sound quality is incredible! Attractive piece of equipment. Perfect for us - shower installation Mounted on shower wall and synced with iPhone for music. Sound is very good. Clock is handy. Controls are easy. We are very pleased with the product. Simply Brilliant A really good piece of kit, really easy to set-up and connect to, just select the user and turn your bluetooth on and it works straight away. Great sound and good bass for a product like this So much fun This is so wonderful. It has simple controls that allow you to adjust the volume and skip through songs. Its very easy to use and very easy to set up. This is the perfect present for someone who loves to sing in the shower! Perfect for Podcasts Completely replaced idocks and speakers hooked to a stereo in wet environments. Listening to my favorite podcasts could not be easier. Just start the podcast on your phone and power up the speaker, it is that simple. Very happy with this purchase i am very happy with my purchase of this device. I did a lot of research before purchasing it and im glad i went with it. the sound quality is great and the bluetooth pairing is great. i have absolutely no complaints! Singin in the Shower Weve been wanting some way to listen to our music in our shower/steam bath. The reviews appeared pretty good for this device, so decided to give it a try. And we love it. Its sleek design makes it easy to clean if necessary, and also easy to store. Weve even dropped it once on the tile floors and nothing happened to it. Still works like a charm. The sound is reasonably good. You do have to play with the volume a bit to get it just right, as showers tend to have a bit of echo since they are all tile and glass. Less volume is more. Great product Was easy to pair to my Droid phone. Worked right away. I would say it produces quality sound. I occasionally have an issue where my phone volume is way down, which impacts the volume to the device. This may be because of my older Droid phone. I would buy this product again and again verey easy to operate I like it Its a nice product. I have it installed in the shower and it works great so far.m No complaints. too quiet it works fine it is just not loud enouugh with the shower on, I even turned it around so that the speaker faces away from the wall Great Concept, but far from perfect This is great for in the bathroom or just around the house. The volume is great but the batteries died in just over a week. (I only use it when showering...) It seems like well have to go thru a lot of batteries.... Also, Id prefer if you had the option to synch thru the original device and speakers at the same time to play in different rooms Great product! Who doesnt like to sing in the shower? I love that I can listen to whatever I like, and have the ability to move to the next tract or song, change volume, or play/pause, with just the push of a button. I have been looking for something like this, but not wanting to spend a thousand dollars to do so. The sound quality is surprisingly quite good. Its not stereo, but its the next best thing. My only complaint is the limited number of bluetooth devices that can connect to it, which is 5. In todays connected world that can add up fast. I have an ipod, a phone, and iPad, and then, there is the rest of my family. On the plus side it only uses 3 AA batteries (included), its very light weight, and portable. Im not sure how the battery life is yet, as Ive had it for a week now. But with 3 people using it at least every morning, its still plugging along. The price is a tad high, but there is nothing else on the market that is as flexible to use as this device is. Great Product This product works great and I enjoy listening to it. A nice start, but needs upgrades Great, easy to set up and use. Great sound. Product does not offer diplsy for songs being played and no continuous playlists. Fabulous Fabulous find! This is the best gift I have ever purchased. We use it almost everyday and the fact that it can pick up the phone from another room is fantastic! Pretty good I did a lot of research trying to find a bluetooth shower speaker, and this certainly looked the best. It has clean lines and looks nice in the shower. The sound quality is good, though it never gets very loud. For a first generation, its pretty good. Cool product This fulfills a need Ive had for a while in a relatively elegant way. Great in steam room! Very happy with the purchase. I listen to iPhone music and audiobooks in the steam room. Great volume and sound. Still using original battery after about 5 weeks, 4 times/week, 15-20 minutes per listen. Steam room is an extreme environment, entire unit is dripping wet inside and out without any issues. Works great! I really like it a lot. Serves the purpose of my audiobooks in the shower. Wish speaker was better, but again, does what its supposed to. Perfect for the conditions The main critique I have heard thus far is that the battery life is short, but I have had this playing almost every morning for about 2wks now and it is still going strong. That may not seem like a lot, but when you consider blutooth technology running every morning, that is actually pretty decent. I havent gotten the battery warning yet, so well see if it continues to impress. One negative I have is that the back is not a suction cup allowing multiple uses, but rather a sticky which will likely be useless when I need to move it. I shower rocks Had it for about 3 weeks now and battery is still strong - takes 3 AA batteries. Paired to my iPad in less than a minute following the directions. Once paired you really can leave your device far away. My shower is upstairs and my iPad is in the laundry room downstairs. All I have to do is turn on the device and it will connect to my iPad and play my saved music in the default iPad music app. Can use the back and fwd buttons to skip songs. You can streaming apps too. I used Tunein PRO and can play several radio stations and internet radio. You have to have app running but once you turn on radio it will connect via bluetooth and your listening though your radio. You can pair up to 5 bluetooth devices. The hanging of the shower radio is very easy. several options. I went with the one that sticks on the wall and you can then easily take the radio with you. The sound for a shower radio is surprisingly very good. Love this speaker. Love this speaker, easy to pair to my iPad. Very clear sound. Its nice I can put it in my shower and dont have to think about the moisture getting into the system. The only problem I have is it is bigger than I would like, but over all I love it. Great buy!! A perfect addition to my shower! Links to my other BT devices quickly and the ease of operation is a big plus. Ishower Bluetooth Radio It was easy to sync and plays at a press of a button. I like everything about it but wish it was a little louder. Waterproof is good! I will be using it in the shower and by the pool, very handy! Absolutely Great Cant say anymore than what is been it works perfet for a 15 year old, thank god I have two bathroooms iShower I use the product in the shower. Unfortunately you cannot select the playlist you want to listen to via Bluetooth, you have to cue it up in iTunes before getting in the shower. Once in the shower the only controls you have access to are forward and back, and it doesnt display the name of the song or artist. I also wish the clock would stay on, but after pressing the time button it disappears after a few seconds. If this feature were enabled it would allow users to keep an eye on the time while in the shower enjoying music. Great! The radio station that I listen to in the mornings doesnt always have the most reliable signal, however I could get it quite clearly through the internet (TuneIn Radio). I was also having issues with where to plug in a radio. This solved both. pairing was easy. Placing it was easy (I wouldnt place it any higher than shoulder height in the room as the speaker is on the back and projects up as much as it does down). Ive only been using it with an iPad up until now, which will make the speaker go silent for a few seconds if there is a notification that comes through my iPad. Im going to try to pair it with my phone next. Its kinda pricey, but its fulfilled all of my needs. Water Wonder! I use this product to jam out after a long day! It has beautiful sound quality and a sleek design. It is easy to sync with my phone and fun to play with. The best thing about it, I can listen to my music INSIDE the shower so that it does not disturb the rest of my family in the wee-hours of the morning. My 16 year old daughter loved it! It was very easy to set up the design is good. The sound could be a little better.

2013-08-13 12:17:36 by coinfoot

I don't remember the profanity

There is some nudity about halfway through the film - michelle williams and sarah silverman take a water aerobics class and we see them in the shower afterward, along with some large older women ... the young women contemplate their future ...
at the end, while the title song plays, there is a montage of michelle's sexual liberation with her new lover, pretty explicit sex scenes of the couple and then the couple in two menages-a-trois.
while i enjoyed all that, the best scene in the film was when they were on that wacky ride while 'video killed the radio star' played ...

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