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Uniden Uniden Public Safety Receiver (HOMEPATROL)
CE (Uniden)
  • Easily set service types
  • Record and playback
  • Quick hold allows you to tap on the channel name to lock and hold on any system, department or channel
  • See agency information at a glance
  • On-screen controls let you quickly access features you ll use the most
2002-07-30 17:54:00 by larrybob

Queer radio

One thing that seems remarkably missing from the bay area's media mix is queer radio. About 7 years ago, the gay show on KPFA, Fruit Punch, stopped broadcasting. More recently, KPFA stopped broadcasting the weekly syndicated gay news program This Way Out. There used to be a gay show on 105 FM which was broadcast at an early hour on weekends called Hibernia Beach.
There's Outright Radio which is very much in the vein of 'This American Life' which has been broadcast on various public stations, including KPFA, KALW, and KQED.
There has intermittently been a queer pirate station in the east bay, but I don't know if they're broadcasting at the moment

2005-07-07 03:22:58 by twodogkd

National Indian Live Talk Radio Show

National Indian Live Talk Radio Show
"Controversial, Veracious, Educational & Empowering"
Weekly Special Guest
Renown Public Law 280 Scholar, Carole Goldberg
Indian Law Professor at UCLA & Author of "Planting Tail Feathers: Tribal Survival and Public Law 280."
Every Wednesday
3-4 pm Pacific Time
American Indian Channel
"American Indian Movement Today"
or go directly to:
Callers & Emails Welcomed
888-514-2100 U.S. & Canada
001-858-268-3068 International
Internet shows archived 24-7
Listen Later or Call-In Live
check local radio station for the show
Hosted by
Joseph Red Bear & Marty Fire Rider

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