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Rekha posted on Monday,October 14th,2013 ||

There’s lots happening at PRX Remix these days.

Welcome,new Assistant Producer!
We are thrilled that Erika Lantz is joining Roman Mars and Sam Greenspan to make Remix even more awesome. Read her introductory blog post (a rite of passage for all PRX newbies) and say hello sometime.

Thanks to all who applied – it was quite a group!

We went mobile.
Many of you know that we recently launched a new name,new look,and new mobile apps. And a new website:Short and sweet,so you can tweet

Roman,Erika,and Sam are Facebooking ,tweeting ,and blogging recent Remix additions and general audio faves.

We’ve updated the license terms.
The new terms more clearly capture Remix’s expanding cross-platform nature. Pleaseto review the new language. You can always manage your Remix permissions in My PRX under Outside Purchaser Preferences,or in Edit Piece.

PRX treats your work with respect and care. Remix is breaking new ground in the public radio and story listening experience,and we’re grateful for the role your work plays in this effort.

Any questions? Contact us.

Erika Lantz posted on Wednesday,October 9th,2013 | ,, |

Hello! I’m Erika,the new Assistant Producer for . I feel very lucky to join a team of such imaginative people.

I grew up in Minnesota,land of 10, 000 lakes and Minnesota Public Radio. I spent a lot of time making music and thinking about words,and feeling torn between the two. Then it hit me that words and sound work together all the time.Remix-app-playI turned to radio.

I got my start at KFAI in Minneapolis. Since then,I’ve spent time at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies,APM’s Performance Today, State of the Re:Union,and,most recently,WBUR.

I’ve worked in other media,but sound affects my emotions more than any other thing I perceive. There’s no better way to get drawn into a story,a perspective,a place. Good radio makes me feel connected,in some new way,to the world around me. It seems to me most of us spend our lives looking for connections like that.

PRX Remix lets you roam a sonic world more immersive and surprising than you find on traditional radio stations. There’s a whimsy to the random curated stream. You can bump into subjects you might not have thought to learn about,trip over shows otherwise unencountered,and get lost in archival sounds from the past. I’ll be spending my days scouting for new producers and sounds. I’ll share the best on PRX Remix.

Beyond building new platforms,PRX keeps looking for ways to push the medium while supporting storytellers. In the few days I’ve been here,I’ve already learned about upcoming projects I think you’ll want to hear about. I’m excited to get to work. Stay tuned.

Sam Greenspan posted on Tuesday,September 10th,2013 | ,,, |

Nearly three minutes of uninterrupted squealing. It’s challenging. It’s painful. And it’s total genius.

HARK!,a documentary by Chris Brooks,Paolo Pietropaolo,and Alan Hall,“investigates the acoustic world of Early Modern England.” Even though the historical record may give us some clues as to what the Elizabethan era might have looked like,we have almost no inkling what it sounded like.

Public Service Broadcasting: A GermanUkrainian Exchange of Opinions (Kolner Schriften zur Medienokonomie)
Book (Lit Verlag)
2005-12-24 14:11:18 by Marchosias

WPIR is Public Internet Radio

WPIR is Public Internet Radio, launched about a month ago, initially on Yahoo Chat, and has now outgrown the size of the Yahoo rooms. We can now be heard on InSpeak. WPIR follows a participatory format; any listener is welcome to come on the mic and in effect become a co-host. WPIR is non-profit and inclusive of all views and philosophies. Its purpose is to provide a forum for the exchange of intelligent ideas and discourse. General themes include topics on religion, politics, philosophy, ontology, economics, and lighter subjects and comedy as well. We also have periodic musical interludes, though WPIR is not a music station per se (we only play a few songs at a time at most, as more of a break than anything else)

2001-09-28 11:04:17 by sandie

Cheap radio advertising for restaurants!

Hey any of you own/manage, or know someone who owns/manages a restaurant in the south la/north oc areas?
The Fall Pledge Drive for KLON, FM88.1, America's Jazz Station (a public radio station) has begun today, and we are in need of meals for our volunteers. We trade free radio spots in exchange for food. Our coverage area consists of most of LA, Riverside and Orange this is a really great deal for any restaurant that wants to get their name out!
If you are interested, or know someone who is, please call, or have them call Jasmine at 562-985-5588 for details.

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