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Michelle Markarski and Keith Jarrett got together at Christmastime and played a little Bach for fun — this album is the result.

  • What is your favorite scary music?
    As Halloween approaches, we're asking our audience, "What are your favorite pieces of scary classical music?" Vote now for your top three picks, then listen on Thursday, Oct. 31 — Halloween — when we count down your top 13 scariest pieces of classical music.
  • Flicks in Five: Monsters, Inc.
    Our celebration of Pixar films continues this week as we look at Monsters, Inc., another Randy Newman-composed score.
  • Music with Minnesotans: Maddie Wild Crea
    Maddie Wild Crea is a writer of stories and a volunteer at Arc Value Village and St Anthony Park Nursing Home. Her joy in helping others is reflected in a playlist that is Beethoven-centered.
  • How I learned to love classical music - loudly
    In the 1960s, my father put a speaker in each corner of our living room and seated my siblings and me in the middle. He'd put Vivaldi, Bach and Beethoven on the record changer, and then he'd drop the needle — and turn up the volume.
  • Music Teacher Spotlight: Jon Larson
    Classical MPR's new feature, the Music Teacher Spotlight, highlights the lives and work of music teachers throughout Minnesota. This week, our featured teacher is Jon Larson, director of high school orchestras at Moorhead High School in Moorhead, Minn.
  • Learning to Listen: Symphonie Fantastique
    Hector Berlioz wrote his first symphony, called Symphonie Fantastique, in 1830. It is considered the first Romantic symphony.
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2012-10-19 17:37:28 by iblisgaurdianangel

A student in Minnesota has decided to make her o

Own anti-gay T-shirt to wear on campus ahead of the state’s public referendum on equal marriage.
Concordia College senior Rebecca Julius created a black top with the words “sin is sin” across the front, followed by three Bible passages about truth and evil on the back.
Julius, a devout Wisconsin Synod Lutheran, told Minnesota Public Radio:
“I don’t identify with all these people that say homosexuality is a perfectly acceptable way to live; that’s not me.
“So the reason I wanted to do this T-shirt was one, to stand up for God’s word because I feel like it’s getting completely trampled in this place that’s supposed to be Christian and two, to just separate myself from it and not give anybody the impression that this what I believe

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