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An interview with Peter Payette.

It looks like food for salmon will continue to be scarce in Lake Michigan. Researchers say it appears not many alewives were born in the lake this year - and salmon eat almost nothing else.

Neither salmon nor alewives are native to the Great Lakes, but it's bad news for people trying to keep the billion-dollar sport fishery alive in Lake Michigan.

Peter Payette is with our partners at Interlochen Public Radio and he's been covering this story. He explains that every year researchers go out on the lakes to see what’s happening.

"One of the important surveys is of prey fish, the little feeder fish that big fish like salmon like to eat, and in Lake Michigan this year they found very few newborn alewives. There are alewives in the lake, ones that were born in years past. But the young of the year, the new class of alewives; they found very few, " he says.

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2007-10-07 19:16:49 by RadonHuffer

Question about harmful interference from a radio

Station that just cropped up in the area a few years ago.
This Air one 90.9 FM is some kind of rock christian station that seems so be splattering all over the lower half of the FM band
I have lisned to michigan public radio for years
91.7 FM now its almost unpleasent to listen to because Air ones transmissions splatter randomly all over it causing all kinds of inteference.

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