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Telarc Dvorak: Stabat Mater
Music (Telarc)
2011-05-19 16:26:53 by crotalus

Take your pick.

Acronym Definition
KPR Kawartha Pine Ridge (Canada)
KPR Kansas Public Radio
KPR Kentucky Performance Report
KPR Ketopantoate Reductase
KPR Korean People's Republic
KPR Kentucky Population Research
KPR Kelowna Pacific Railway (Canada)
KPR Kentuckiana Pug Rescue (Louisville, KY)
KPR Keystone Project Recruitment (South Africa)
KPR Knowledge Provider (SAP)
KPR Kennewick, Pasco, Richland (Tri-cities Washington)
KPR Kenya Police Reserve
KPR Kentucky Paranormal Research
KPR Kansas Policy Review
KPR Krakowskie Pogotowie Ratunkowe
KPR Kojima Productions Report
KPR Kevin Patrick Robbins
KPR Keeble Paper Recycling (UK)
KPR Keeler Political Report
KPR Known Problem Reports
KPR Koester...

2010-03-11 07:44:04 by krizpy99

Kansas City Announces Major School Closures

In Missouri, the Kansas City Board of Education has voted to close almost half of the city’s public schools amidst a $50 million deficit. The so-called “Right-Size” plan would shutter twenty-eight of Kansas City’s sixty-one schools and cut 700 of 3,000 jobs, including 285 positions for teachers.
Just heard on the local radio here yesterday that we're "right-sizing" our government here as well.

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