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2012-01-24 14:53:50 by TheMrsBradPitt

Thinking about the praying in public thing

I was listening to a "radio diaries" segment on NPR this afternoon about this high school football player (who was pretty excited that he was only going to be getting two Ds this semester) and at one point you can hear him and his team mates doing one of those prayer circle things before a game.
I was wondering what it would be like to try to opt out of something like that at a high school in bumfuck alabama. And then I got to thinking about the entire thing of praying in circles and in groups like that and wondered what about it bugs me (other than the possible coercion of people who don't believe but want to fit in)

2012-09-13 04:48:30 by cheaande

Welcome to the University of South Alabama.

Now accept Jesus or else.
At the University of South Alabama, a Christian student climbed onto a JagTran shuttle (the campus-owned bus) and began preaching.
This is how Daily Kos contributor weatherdude, who was on the bus at the time, explained it:
'[She] ran on the bus and shouted “I’m from [some organization I didn't catch the name of] and I’d like to save your souls in the name of Jesus.” She stood at the front of the bus and put her arms up on both poles, effectively blocking the entrance so people could neither get on nor off.'
Even worse, “the bus driver shut the radio and bus engine off and joined in

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