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Hi Every body,

Thought today was a good day to bring you up to date on what’s been happening behind the scenes at “World Music”.

Thank you for the many emails of support for what we are trying to do here, and we are so pleased you have enjoyed listening to Glyn while he test the shows out in this Beta test phase. For those of you who don’t know Glyn (Our Main Presenter) is used to working out of a ‘proper studio’ normally and has done the best he can with the limited equipment we managed to ‘wire up’ after what happened at the old station, so apologies for the odd tech faults, breaks or gremlins!.

We have had a lot of long days and nights, researching, reviewing and checking out a wide range of new studio equipment, to make sure that the eventual system package we choose will perform exactly as we want, be fully intergrated with our growing digital online operations, and enable all the presenters to concentrate on you the listeners and of course the music.

We have had hours of discussion on the merits of various Studio Software!, Mikes, Soundproofing, People, Seating, Desking Ergonomics, Play formats, Archiving systems, and Speakers!!!, let alone all the other Techie stuff!!. But we feel the wait will be worth it.

The original “World Music Radio” station started its early life in the USA, one of the early pioneers of the World Music Radio Format on the West Coat in the 1990′s. So we have an important slice of Music history to care for.We were so chuffed when we managed to acquire the Brand and provide a fresh new platform to continue spreading the word on World Music and bring a whole new group of World Music artists to your attention.

Glyn also oversees as Head Editor our online digital magazine, which has enabled us to access some absolutely brilliant Music, Interviews and World Music News for the new shows, plus great support from many many labels around the world.

We are also very pleased to read and listen to some of the approaches we have had from various new presenters, who would like to try out for guest slots on the Special shows, and a few who would like to try out for permanent places on the team.

So if you are an experienced World Music presenter or have a natural talent, please feel free to send in a sample audio show, ideally a 1 hour session so we can get a feel for your style (if possible please include in your email a bit of background on yourself, where you are based, and very importantly your preferred “areas of World Music”, don’t worry we do not expect you to know every thing, no one does, and we all have to start somewhere).

Ok, so there is a bit of an update on where we are as of Autumn 2012.

If you want to discover more world music artist’s or read latest reviews, gig reports, you will also find us over at

If you are an artist, agent or PR agency and have a new CD being released, or some new News or wish to send us any material to play on the shows our mail address is:

All Mail to:

World Music Co UK
c/o OTS Group
Po Box 234
WR14 1QB
United Kingdom

So thank you for listening, look forward to bringing you further updates.

World Music Radio Support Team

2012-10-25 08:19:11 by Stevetheproducer

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