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Juanes Hosts Show on SiriusXM

Latin rocker Juanes, hosts an exclusive monthly special on SiriusXM's Caliente and La Kueva commercial-free music channels. SiriusXM’s Caliente channel 150 and La Kueva channel 540.

Juanes takes you on the road with him every month with his Sirius XM exclusive show, Fíjate Bien. Each show offers a unique opportunity to travel the globe with Juanes to enjoy song in the purest form. From concerts in front of thousands of fans to spur of the moment jam sessions with his band to guest appearances by fellow musicians, it’s a live and unscripted journey filled with exotic experiences and plenty of authentic music.

Airs the final Sunday of every month at 8PM ET

2006-05-29 05:50:05 by shangri-la

Anyone know this Latin/salsa song? How to find?

There's this great song on the Latin music radio station El Sol 99.1 here but I don't know Spanish so I can't figure out who it is - the only word I recongnize is at the end of the chorus - something "automatica". The song has a chorus singing part that's got some cool horn music in the background and it's upbeat but it's a little bit plaintive or sad at the same time with a great melody, and then there's verses where someone else comes in to rap a little. Long shot - anyone know it?
Would there be a way for me to find it? Are there current top songs or playlists where I could g

2005-03-04 14:33:56 by nonoelpayaso

Music Recommendation of the Day: Radio Nova

Not an album this time, but a Paris radio station - probably the best. It's an independent station that's been going for over a decade now, and it plays everything that's good in the alternative-electronica-R'n'B-hip hop-world-latin range.
They do a lot of exclusive mixes, live DJing, DJ Dimitri from Paris, Laurent Garnier, Daft Punk have been guest DJs several times on their consoles.
Go to and click on the "Ecoutez Raido Nova" in the left side.

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