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Complete soundtracks for both Jet Grind Radio and Jet Set Radio Future, along with a few other songs that were in the games but not included on the soundtracks. JSRF only has a few extra tracks because I have never played it don’t really know what songs are in it, sorry. All songs are in mp3 format. If you need one specific song and don’t want to download a whole set, just leave a comment and I’ll get it to you as soon as I can. Click for more :]

Here’s a preview of what you get with the Jet Grind Radio extra tracks.

Guitar Vader – Super Brother

Files for download include:


  1. Let Mom Sleep – Hideki Naganuma
  2. Humming the Bassline – Hideki Naganuma
  3. That’s Enough – Hideki Naganuma
  4. Everybody Jump Around – Richard Jacques
  5. Sneakman – Hideki Naganuma
  6. Bout the City – Reps
  7. Mischievous Boy – Castle Logical
  8. Sweet Soul Brother – Hideki Naganuma
  9. Rock it On – Hideki Naganuma
  10. Yellow Bream – F-Fields
  11. Electric Tooth Brush – Toronto
  12. Funky Radio – B.B. Rights
  13. Moody’s Shuffle – Hideki Naganuma
  14. Grace & Glory – Hideki Naganuma


  1. Just Got Wicked – Cold
  2. Miller Ball Breakers – Deavid Soul
  3. On the Bowl (A. Fargus Mix) – Deavid Soul
  4. Up-Set Attack – Deavid Soul
  5. Yappie Feet – Deavid Soul
  6. Magical Girl – Guitar Vader
  7. Super Brothers – Guitar Vader
  8. O.K. House – Idol Taxi
  9. Improvise – Jurassic 5
  10. Patrol Knob – Mixmaster Mik
  11. Slow – Professional Murder Music
  12. Dragula – Rob Zombie
  13. Jet Set Medley – Hideki Naganuma
  14. Jet Set Station – Toronto ft. DJ-K
  15. Jet Set Groove #1 – Hideki Naganuma
  16. Jet Set Groove #2 – Hideki Naganuma
  17. Jet Grind Radio


  1. The Concept of Love – Hideki Naganuma
  2. Fly Like a Butterfly – Hideki Naganuma
  3. Funky Dealer – Hideki Naganuma
  4. Shape Da Future – Hideki Naganuma
  5. Teknopathetic – Hideki Naganuma
  6. Oldies But Happies – Hideki Naganuma
  7. Like it Like This Like That – Hideki Naganuma
  8. I Love Love You JSRF version – Guitar Vader
  9. Baby-T JSRF version – Guitar Vader
  10. Humming the Bassline (Deavid Soul Remix) – Hideki Naganuma
  11. Rock It On (Deavid Soul Remix) – Hideki Naganuma
  12. Sneakman (Toronto Mix) – Hideki Naganuma
  13. What About the Future – Richard Jacques
  14. Bokfresh – Richard Jacques
  15. Let Mom Sleep (No Sleep Remix) – Hideki Naganuma
  16. That’s Enough (B.B. Rights Remix) – Hideki Naganuma
  17. Sweet Soul Brother (B.B. Rights Remix) – Hideki Naganuma
  18. *Grace & Glory (B.B.M.H. Mix) – Hideki Naganuma


  1. Aisle 10 – Scapegoat Wax
  2. Statement of Intent – BIS
  3. Birthday Cake – Cibo Matto
  4. Ill Victory Beat – The Latch Brothers
  5. Jet Set Medley Future – Hideki Naganuma

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Sega Of America, Inc. JSRF- Jet Set Radio Future
Video Games (Sega Of America, Inc.)
  • A cool premise
  • Awesome tricks
  • Incredible graphics
  • Epic gameplay
  • Four-player action
2005-01-29 22:35:07 by twodogkd

Ideas about RADIO music/talk programs on air and

Online. Include all types from all walks of life.
This text is pasted in from a reminder posted to the 4111 forum just now
No life there now but post threads about your favorite radio stations/type of music/part of the country.
Also post about your favorite talk show programs/what they like to talk about/part of the country
Post the radio programs that provide air time for alternative groups/natives/earth folks/others/usually they have jazz programs/etc.
Also tell about the country programs I like country music.
Don't forget rap, etc I like that too

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