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Q. How can I tell what song is playing right now or in the last few minutes on 94.9 KLTY?

A. Check out our Live Playlist by clicking on one of the media players on the homepage. It not only tells you what is playing now, it also shows the last four songs played!

Q. I'm a Mac user. How can I listen online with my Mac?

A. You can listen using iTunes for Mac. To install go to: Mac iTunes (Mac OS X v10.2.8 or later; Mac OS X v10.3 required for AirPort Express; 400MHz G3 processor or better; QuickTime 6.2 required to encode AAC; QuickTime 6.5.2 and latest iLife updates required to use purchased music in iLife '04; 256MB RAM recommended).
Click this link for iTunes ›

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I would like information on upcoming concerts. Where would I find that?

A. Listed online at 94.9 KLTY’s homepage under Upcoming Events and Concerts or under Family Fun Calendar. If you need further information feel free to call the station at 972-870-9949.

Q. How do I submit a Public Service Announcement to be listed on 94.9 KLTY’s Family Fun Calendar?

A. From the 94.9 KLTY homepage click on the Family Fun Calendar, then go to Submit an Event section on our website and follow the simple instructions.

Q. How can I become an Intern with 94.9 KLTY?

A. Each year 94.9 KLTY employs 30 - 40 Interns to help with Celebrate Freedom and learn the “ins & outs” of Radio Promotions. If you are interested in learning more email:

Q. How can I listen to 94.9 KLTY online?

A. Check out our Listen Live! | Online Radio Player on the homepage. It not only tells you what is playing now, it shows the last four songs played also!

If you are experiencing difficulty with streaming online, try these steps:

Q. Why do most radio station call letters start with K or W?

A. Stations are assigned a code and generally (with a few exceptions), stations west of the Mississippi river begin with a K and those east of the Mississippi begin with a W. This phenomenon began with President Herbert Hoover.
  • Start Windows Media Player.
  • From the 'File' Menu, select "Open URL".
  • Copy & Paste ›

This procedure should work for most updated Explorer, Firefox and Mozilla browsers.

Witch Apps Contemporary Christian Music Radio
Mobile Application (Witch Apps)
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  • Easy to use app with instant Track Info and share function.
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2013-02-20 14:32:52 by ChristianRadio

Introducing Sunset Christian Radio

Sunset Christian Radio is looking to become your premier internet provider of online streaming of Adult Contemporary Christian Music radio broadcasts and programs. Listen to your favorite Top 100 Christian artist and more. You'll enjoy listening to our audio broadcasts finding both the newest Christian music to the classic ole time Gospel songs to include some of the most up lifting
Listen on the go on your smart Phone as well. Sharing the Spirit of God thru Music

2004-10-28 12:59:14 by -

Why is contemporary Christian music so BAD??

Can anybody tell me?
I mean, most classical religious music, from before the nineteeth century is really well composed. But for the most part today's Christian musicians have no originality whatsoever! Most of it sounds like a bad rip-off of whatever music was popular five to ten years ago. I can actually recognize it while fiddling with the radio dial because it's so godawful! Then the "you're my guiding light" lyrics give it away - yep it is indeed another one, a waste of airwaves. Do these people follow music at all? They obviously don't realize how little talent they have or they wouldn't embarass themselves by recording this crap.

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