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اغاني عربية مجانا TUNE IN LIVE ARABIC MUSIC RADIO with MP3 qualityأغاني و راديو عربي is one of the biggest and FIRST Arabic Music social application that gives you the pleasure of listening on your android phones and TVs to music, quran, bible and other live Arabic radios and tv streaming. Just enjoy some of our free flash games while listening to live Arabic Radio streaming wherever you are on the move: work, home, school, university or hanging out in some Arabic related events. THANK YOU :) Do you want to send latest and new Arabic dedicated songs to your best friends? Dedicate songs live to your friends on facebook. You can also read the latest Arabic news and use our fast and free online Arabic translation tool. Thank you for taking time off and tune in your ears for our best streaming live radio. Live Arabic Radio streaming and broadcasting new and loyal visitors love to listen to music, watch movies or Arabic music videos and other Arab comedy movies. users likes to download and listen to Arabic audio books on mobiles and on the move. We have developed many features on our website in order to enhance the user experience for an easy, accessible, and free Arabic audio service.

Some of our Arab users around the World and in the Arabic countries asked us to have a fresh, updated and latest top Arab songs, albums, news and releases. We offer also an easy software in GUI to listen to Arabic music of all types and country of origins (Lebanese, Morroco, Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Emirati, Bahraini, Sudani, Algerian, Lybian, Iraqi, Syrian, Jordanian, Palestinian, and Assyrian radios).

We had also enhanced our real and live English to Arabic translation service for free with an easy typing Arabic keyboard with layouts, stickers, overlay to download or to teach as basic Arabic alphabet. is a proud sponsor for many Arabic concerts and educational courses that develop Arab and International skills for students who wants to learn how to play Anghami, Qanoon, Oud, Mazamir with a full free Arabic music sheet. You can also buy best Arabic CDs online from the Top 40 Arabic Classic Bar Grooves to normal music cds and other belly dance DVD courses.

Music Radio Live from singers of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Sudan, Algeria, Tunis, Morocco FM live arabic radio app streaming.

Some others try to listen to music when they play poker, or online games or when they are using some Arab torrents to download movie BUT here at we thrive to give our users the ability to listen to anything concerning the Arabic world in a LIVE, FREE and up to date environment.

Get connected Wifi or 3/4G LTE Internet Connection Join the latest hot trend where you listen to Arabic music online, for free on-demand desktop, radio, mobile or TV app.

2004-01-21 12:58:49 by anti-Americanresistanc

Iraq’s airwaves, music stores flooded with songs

Iraq’s airwaves, music stores flooded with songs calling for anti-American resistance.You can almost dance to the rhythm, but the lyrics call for guerrilla war.
“America has come and occupied Baghdad,” singer Sabah al-Jenabi croons. “The army and people have weapons and ammunition. Let’s go fight and call out the name of God.”
The US has flooded Iraq’s airwaves with radio stations playing harmless Western and Arab pop tunes. A US-funded television station, Al-Iraqiya, was started last year to draw Iraqis away from the pan-Arab sentiments of the Gulf-based news networks and the anti-Americanism of the Iranian stations

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