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bigscreen_home430.pngSix months ago,we made BBC iPlayer available on Nintendo Wii.

This was our first foray into TV-connected gaming devices.bigscreen_mostpopular430.pngWe didn't know what the uptake would be,so we adopted a "keep it simple,get it out fast" approach. This meant encoding our content in a format compatible with the Wii's Flash 7 video playback capabilities,but playing back within the standard BBC iPlayer website,which is really too big for the Wii screen.

In other words,we made a new video stream for Wii,but we didn't optimise the user interface for the Wii's screen resolution or Wiimote remote control.

Strategically,this Wii release was extremely important,signalling the arrival of internet-delivered on-demand services direct to your TV set rather than to your computer.bigscreen_itempage430.png

However,as a user proposition,it was very much a first-pass product,something we knew and recognised at the time. In fact,one of the reasons why we didn't create a custom Wii interface was because our user interface team was hard at work on the new-look BBC iPlayer 2.0 site,which was to launch in June.

Back then,people also wondered why we made BBC iPlayer available on Wii but not PS3. The reason is simple: there are twice as many Wii units in the UK than PS3s,plus the PS3 browser had some odd quirks which have increased development time.

Good news: we have an all-new BBC iPlayer user interface designed for the Nintendo Wii.

This release is important for us because it adds to our list of BBC iPlayer user interfaces,which now comprises:

  • a mobile version,as used on iPhone,Nokia N96 and other mobile devices
  • a regular version,as used on your PC,Mac and Linux computer
  • a set-top box version,available through Virgin Media
  • and a big screen version,now for Wii.

We hope,in time,to make suitable modifications which enable users of other gaming consoles and set-top boxes to use this user interface.

The new Wii version has a simplified user interface that presents just a few options on screen at a time and nice big chunky controls - easy to aim at with a Wiimote.

The new interface gives access to both TV and radio programmes:

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Internet Usage Questions

My provider has just accused me of going over the maximum monthly usage. Which is 30GB for downloading and 10GB for uploading.
I am not techie so I don't do much on my computer. I email, go on FB, etc... The only thing I've uploaded is some pictures to Ebay for selling but that's done now. I download podcasts of my favorite radio talk show and we have Netflix thru our Wii. But we don't watch an unusual amount of Netflix. I don't stream the Netflix to my Mac very often nor do I download any TV to my Mac. I don't download music very often. It's been months and that is simple legal purchases via Itunes

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