What is Internet radio?

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Internet Radio - Definition: Internet Radio - Internet Radio describes a technical achievement which allows audio to be digitized and split into small pieces for transmission across the Interent. The ultimate effect is to create the illusion of "radio". The audio is "streamed" through the Internet from a server in one location and reassembled on the listener's end by a software player on a computer or Internet Radio receiver. Internet Radio is not really radio by the tradtional definition but an incredible simulation.

Internet Radio - This term also describes the conglomeration of streaming audio which is available on the Internet which can be listened to by using a software player or browser which supports streaming audio. For more information, see: Tools to Record Internet Radio and Streaming Audio

An Internet Radio - An Internet Radio is a radio receiver, a piece of hardware, that is designed to receive Internet radio streams. Most Internet radios are manufactured to be used in conjunction with a local Wi-Fi, local router, or other broadband connection. For more information, see: A Buyer's Guide to Wi-Fi Internet Radio Receivers

Internet Radio in Vehicles - Visitors to radio.about..com share some of their creative tricks in getting streaming audio on-the-go. For more, see: How do YOU listen to Internet Radio in Your Car?

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For a peek at what it's like...

To get a taste of what a shortwave is like, try this website (requires java, along with a reasonably fast internet connection, and a fairly modern computer).
That's a software defined radio, located at the University of Twente, in Enschede, Netherlands.
It's a live feed, and you can tune around as you please, all the way from 0 through 30 MHz. You can select AM, USB, LSB, and CW. To hear the major broadcasters, try the bands listed in purple, like 49m, 31m, 19m. Put the radio in AM mode. Zoom in on the waterfall display, and click on one of the broad vertical streams

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There are a lot of radios that

You can hear online. The bad news is that even if you get a good connection they will be a few seconds behind in transmition... Thats my experience with internet radio and tv... I know how you feel about ESPN and ABC... they sux.. I'm happy with Univision and Globo International (brazilian TV). They are not that bad. Anyways, I think this place is going to help you find what you are looking for:
Check on the left side (u are going to see the country flags)
Good luck!

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