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It’s always a pleasure to be asked to appear on radio shows and podcasts. Most of the time, these shows relate to blindness in some way. Less frequently, I get to explain the way technology has a positive impact on the lives of blind people on mainstream podcasts and radio shows.

One thing I’ve not done until today was appear on a radio show where English is not the first language, requiring me to use an interpreter. But this morning at 2 AM my time, I was in my studio talking with the team who produce the Tiflochas show for Radio Vos in Russia. This is an Internet radio station run by a blindness organisation. Based on what I experienced this morning, what they’re doing at Radio Vos has taken the model I started with ACB Radio in 1999, and given it the resources to thrive. They have dedicated studio facilities, a team of paid staff including people behind the scenes handling scheduling and production, top quality equipment, and the production values are outstanding. I can’t tell you how impressive it was to observe just how well this station is run. It reminded me somewhat of Insight Radio in the UK, whose production values and output I also admire.

The questions I was asked were always polite, but probing and challenging, reminiscent of the days of Blind Line when we had hard hitting current affairs media in the blind community.

For English speakers, the show may be hard to follow given that we of course are not the intended audience, and my own responses are in the background while my answers are translated into Russian, but I know I have a number of Russian speakers who visit this blog who are good English readers. So, here’s the link for the show.

Well done Radio Vos, you’re doing it exactly as it should be done.

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Today, practically each Russian household owns at least one TV set and receives at least two national, one regional and one local TV channel.
The first national channel - Public Russian Television (ORT) - is the biggest TV channel in the country with total penetration of 98 per cent of the Russian territory or 140 million viewers. TV channel Russia is the second national channel with total penetration of 98.5 per cent of the territory and 50 million viewers. ORT is the largest national joint-stock TV company with 51 per cent of the shares controlled by the Russian state. The second national channel - Russia - is completely state-run

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