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Looking for an Internet radio you can take on-the-go? CNET's Donald Bell rounds up his six favorite portable Internet radio options.

Internet radios offer an astounding selection of music from around the world. Whether it's personalized radio from folks like Pandora and Slacker, news from BBC, or a DJ-curated hip-hop mix beamed out of Peru, there's always something worth listening to on the Internet's airwaves.

Tuning in to an Internet radio broadcast typically happens at your computer, on your smartphone, or using a standalone tabletop Internet radio receiver. Beyond your smartphone, however, there are not a whole lot of ways to tune into Internet radio on-the-go.

Fortunately, the few non-phone methods for tuning in Internet radio without the wires are surprisingly good, and they span a diverse range of categories, such as tablets, alarm clocks, and portable media players.

See CNET's favorite portable Internet radio options.

Sangean America, Inc. Sangean WFR-28 Rechargeable Portable WiFi Internet Radio-Black
CE (Sangean America, Inc.)
  • Internet Radio (over 16, stations) / FM-RDS Waveband
  • 10 station Presets (5 iRadio, 5 FM)
  • USB MP3 playback, MP3 and WMA Compatible
  • Search by Country, Genre and my Favorite
  • Plays on Rechargeable and Dry-Cell Batteries
2011-02-08 17:54:44 by globalman

Listening to Internet Radio on a tablet PC

I am looking for something to take with me overseas so I can listen to Internet radio in the hotel room/by the pool. I will be staying in places with wi-fi.I don't want to spend over $200 because I will only use it overseas, and I don't want to worry about theft/damage etc.
There are tablet PC's out there for under $200. Has anyone tried listening to Internet radio on them? How about the sound quality - I will either be listening on earphones or possibly portable speakers.

2010-01-04 20:06:06 by JerseyScrounger

I was buying a small portable radio

For my Jersey Girl. She's a Yankees fan and when games are blacked out we can still listen on the radio, but it is AM.
My shopping criteria was: I wanted a small compact easy to carry radio that had a decent speaker/sound, AM and FM Digital tuning with memory, and excellent AM reception that would be immune to most of the buzz and noise common to AM radio. She also needs to be able to bring it to work in her purse, so she can get the local traffic/weather at her desk when winter storms threaten. It would also serve as our emergency radio, but I did not want one of those stupid bulky crank driven "emergency radios" that sound like shit and get even worse reception

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Logitech Logitech UE Smart Radio (Black)
Receiver or Amplifier (Logitech)
  • Stream unlimited music from online radio stations, music services and your computer over the home Wi-Fi network. Fully backwards compatible with the Logitech Squeezebox...
  • Color screen: Shows album art, station information and more so you can easily access and enjoy limitless music
  • Mobile app control: Free Smart Radio app transforms your iPhone or Android smartphone into a master music controller
  • UE Sound Signature: Speaker array delivers high-quality uncompressed audio that?s clear, rich and perfectly tuned
  • Compact design and six-hour rechargeable battery for uninterrupted music as you roam around the house
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STI Certified Products, Inc. Mutant MIG-PIR-1 M-Wavio Portable Pocket-Sized WiFi Internet Radio with FM Radio (Charcoal)
CE (STI Certified Products, Inc.)
  • WiFi Internet radio function with over 12, Internet radio stations across the globe
  • User friendly Magic Wheel for ease of navigation through menu and station list
  • FM reception for local station news and music
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery with 10 hours of playback.
  • Automatic update the latest Internet radio station list on every use

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