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Great jazz and intelligent talk: a great combination.

You'll find 'Ol Blue Eyes and much more great jazz and vocals here.

Our new sister station that plays classic soul and r&b

Hot Afro-Cuban, Latin Jazz and Salsa

The best gospel mix that I've heard in a long time

Curt's Cafe Jazz
It's the blog for this radio station

E Music
You can download a ton of great jazz tracks and albums at a very reasonable cost (Prestige, OJC, Concord, MaxJazz are all available!)

Jazz Improv Magazine
The website of the best magazine for the serious jazz fan. You can also download free copies of their sister publication, the "New York Jazz Guide".

CD Baby
You can buy CD's by indie artists that you can't find anywhere else, such as many of the indie artist you hear in the Cafe. Great customer service too.

Web Bible Network
A great place to study the greatest book ever written. With all the major translations and great study helps as well.

Live365, Inc. Live365 Radio
Mobile Application (Live365, Inc.)
  • Access more than 7, free online radio stations
  • Enjoy a wide range of more than 250 musical genres
  • Bring a world of free music with you anywhere you take your Android device
2010-01-24 19:51:33 by openshoppc

Internet Radio

You don't need a device to receive Internet radio, just a Internet connection.
I don't know how to make your USB device Aluratek Internet radio jukebox to work under Linux.
But I do know some Internet radio links.

2013-01-13 13:26:13 by breetvradio

New Internet Radio Station..

Hey Forum Friends.. We are testing our new internet radio station RIGHT NOW.. Would you tune in and tell us what you think? We are playing some old Disco Funk right now until 5pm. From 5-8PM we will be playing the best of yesterday's Hip-Hop. And then, at 8pm the BEST of Chicago House Music!! Tune in and enjoy. Please! :) ::TIMES ARE EST::

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