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Covington Innovations Home > Other Pursuits > Audio Technology > Recording Internet Radio For copyright reasons, Internet radio stations normally play through Media Player or RealPlayer in a mode that does not allow you to save the audio file. There is special software, such as Internet Radio Recorder, that solves this problem at least partly.

But you probably don't need special software. Many sound cards have the ability to record whatever they are sending to the speakers, regardless of what software is playing it. On Sound Blasters, this is done by recording a signal source is called What U Hear; other cards call it Stereo Mix.

This should also work as a way to record audio from DVDs and copy-protected CDs that won't let you open their audio as files.

Legal issue: It is legal to record, for your own use, broadcasts that you have a right to listen to in the first place (the famous Sony vs. Betamax case established this). It is not legal to resell, redistribute, or rebroadcast the recordings without the permission of the copyright owner.

Technical issue: I can't promise perfect audio quality. Apparently, the signal is being converted to analog and then back to digital, and it is likely to have been less than CD quality when it left the station. Capturing the audio file digitally would be better. However, the quality with my method is generally better than what you'd get in the old days by copying a cassette tape from one deck to another.

Step 1listenlook carefully at the checkboxesStep 2record audioStep 3

When I did this on my laptop, I had a pleasant surprise – it turned out that a lot of hiss was coming from "CD Audio, " which I don't use.

Step 4
  • Open Volume Control, then choose Options, Properties, Recording, or...
  • Go to Run... and type: sndvol32 /r

You may want to make a permanent shortcut to sndvol32 /r.

Step 5

Select that item, Stereo Mix or What U Hear, as your recording source.

Step 6

But remember not to use Stereo Mix or What U Hear when recording directly from the inputs (e.g., from a tape deck or record player). You'll get better sound if you choose the actual input source, such as Line In.

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2008-03-01 19:48:48 by dressedtothenines

Simplest solution? to get audio files on a web

Page. The result I'd like to achieve is something that might be "real time", so visitors will pretty much be hearing what's currently being played. I'd like to avoid alot of complicated software or streaming from my own p.c.. So I guess you could say I'm not wanting to use internet radio software. Just embedded files that play in sequence but the new visitor will catch whatever the current visitors are hearing, if there were any who arrived before them.

2011-02-27 13:51:24 by jpphipps

Internet radio stations on iPod Touch??

I borrowed my granddaughter's iPod Touch 8GB to see if it made sense to one of my years.... It's not the latest iTouch (MA6233LL, Software ver. 1.1.5), I'm sure, but seems to connect to my network ok; Safari works and her iTunes stuff plays ok.
I would want an iTouch to be able to access the internet radio stations I listen to - I can load a music playlist into it and it plays, but when I try to add the address of an internet radio station, the following message appears:
"XXXX cannot be copied to the iPod 'Mary's iPod' because it cannot be played on this iPod

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