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August 9, 2010

pandora radio iphone logo How to Get Your Music on Pandora Internet Radio Michael Zapruder is an award-winning musician who serves as Music Curator for Pandora, the Oakland-based internet radio service based on the Music Genome Project. As curator, he directs all aspects of music collection, curation, and cataloging for Pandora’s stations. Zapruder has been with Pandora nearly since the inception of the Music Genome Project and was appointed as Pandora’s music curator in 2004.

There are any number of ways to get your music on Pandora. We’re always looking for new music to play for our listeners, so we watch all kinds of blogs, radio stations, show listings, charts and things like that. And while we don’t automatically add everything we see in those places, when an artist reaches a certain level of visibility we like to try our best to make that music available on Pandora.

So that’s the first thing you need to know. If you are connecting with an audience or community in a strong way; if you’re playing good rooms and getting attention, you will have a fine chance of getting into our collection.

We know we can’t find everything, though, so for the many deserving bands that we miss for one reason or another (and for bands that are just starting out), we offer a web-based music submission process that is free and open to everyone.

How to get Music on Pandora:

1. Register for Pandora (the submission process is connected to listener accounts, so you can use your existing account if you have one).

2. Go to and follow the directions for submitting.

3. If your CD meets the requirements for submission (you have to have a valid UPC code and the record has to be for sale in the Amazon CD store), you’ll be prompted to upload two songs along with any biographical or press information and any links you’d like us to know about.

4. When we get to your submission, we listen and make a decision about whether your submission is right for us. (This takes time, so be patient.)

5. If you’re accepted, we send you an email with a customized mailing label that you’ll use to send us your record. If we pass on your record we let you know on your submission page and we encourage you to keep us posted on your future work.

Lots of people ask us about the Amazon requirements, so here’s the skinny:

We use UPC codes as identifiers to display the right artist information and album art when something plays on Pandora. We want to be able to show as much information about the artists we play as we can, and UPC codes make that possible.

Requiring albums to be available in the Amazon CD store guarantees that we will have usable metadata for every album we accept, which in turn frees us up to spend our time listening to your submissions instead of entering song titles and such. It also means that interested listeners will be able to find and buy your music by clicking the Amazon link in the Pandora tuner.

You can get your music into the Amazon CD store for free using a service called CreateSpace. They press on-demand CDs for Amazon purchases. For people who have CDs for sale already, there is a vendor program that Amazon offers that charges an annual fee as well (and in case you’re wondering, we don’t have any financial stake in the above services).

2013-06-22 02:22:43 by tooradical2

The best internet radio music station.

"Back When Radio Was Boss" is commercial free and plays the best 1962-1979 (but mostly 1966-1971) music. I listen to it on my Grace Internet Radio and song title, artist and year of release are displayed while each song is played. I believe it's streamed via "Live365".
I never visit their website, but here's the link:
Every year invokes so many memories. Great for listening in the small hours of the morning.

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Internet radio sources for music

Haight-Ashbury Radio
MP3 Realm
Songza Radio
Artist Direct
AOL Music
BearShare v6^
MySpace Music
Yahoo! Music

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