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Musicradio Bop 70s launches

Back in June 2010, I wrote the post, Can Houston man make money with Internet radio? He's trying. Maybe, we have an answer now. That man is Houston resident Harold Levine and now he is announcing new stations that are going commercial.

The Bop Radio Group of Internet radio stations based in Houston, Texas is excited to announce the launch of its sixth station, Musicradio Bop 70s, featuring an all-seventies music format. Musicradio Bop 70s is the group’s first entry into the seventies decade—the group’s existing five stations cover the hit songs of the thirties, forties, fifties and sixtie decades.

Initially, Musicradio Bop 70s can be launched and heard on Internet portals,, and Like its sister stations, it is expected that the station will soon be available on and as well.

The first station launched by The Bop Radio Group, Radio Bop, playing the hits of the fifties and early sixties, began broadcasting on February 1, 2006. Collectively, the present five stations have listeners in over 150 countries and over 350, 000 TLH (total listening hours) per month. With the launch of Musicradio Bop 70s this month and the group’s seventh station The TOP 40 Time Clock in October, total listenership is expected to reach over 600, 000 TLH by year-end according to the group’s Program Director Harold Levine.

The stations are actually going commercial in October through Belgium-based who will insert commercials into the stations streams based on the IP addresses of individual listeners. According to Levine, commercial breaks will be limited to 4 minutes per hour.

Radio Bop 60s, which plays the hits of the sixties decade, will also begin airing episodes of the sixties radio serial Chickenman beginning September 30, 2013, at 20 minutes before every third hour.

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