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Can’t keep up with the latest & greatest songs & remixes? I know,it can be tough if you don’t have a gay roommate DJ like me. Even then,what do I do when he’s not around? Well,thank goodness I was informed about this App: GIRL. There’s a website with the live internet radio station,but there’ also an iPhone App too! The best remixes,the hottest songs – all with the push of a button on your for working out,or if you’re having people over and are worried about preparing a party iTunes playlist. No need. Plug your iPhone (or iTouch or iPad) in,and presto.

YOU GO G.I.R.L. – There’s an APP for that!

Take the mix with you on your iPhone! Get the G.I.R.L. iPhone free on iTunes® . Over 75, 000 downloads and counting,GayInternetRadioLive was the FIRST gay internet radio station to release an iPhone app and it remains one of the most downloaded gay apps to date. (Droid and Blackberry apps coming soon!)

2005-09-12 22:03:58 by tlbrink

Eater, get off the internet and actually take a

Course at an accredited college. Or at least read a book published by a major university press, or some articles from a real encyclopedia (I recommend Eliade's.)
Is the above site the best you can do?
These kinds of authors belong on the crank internet or the National Enquirer.
"Acharya S was classically educated at some of the finest schools, receiving an undergraduate degree in Classics, Greek Civilization, from Franklin & Marshall College."
No advanced degrees, but she speaks a lot of languages. I guess the University of Chicago will offer her an endowed chair? Perhaps NPR will base their next series on her works?
Sorry, I don't think she could make it on Art Bell's radio...

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